Prediction for Next President of the United States Based on Earthquake Dream
The young lion shall overcome the old!
The young lion overcame the old!
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September 30, 2008 was the 2nd Anniversary of the Earthquake Dream of 09-30-06
The 2008 Solar Return for the 2006 earthquake dream was September 29, 2008, 12:11 PM, EST


7.3 Earthquake Strikes North Pacific NEW ZEALAND, September 29, 2008, 11:19 AM, EST
2008 2nd Anniversary Earthquake Dream Prediction Statement & Results
2007 1st Anniversary Earthquake Dream Prediction Statement & Results

See Jupiter in Fall Position

1) February 26 - March 3, 2008*;
2) July 20-30, 2008*; and
3) October 18-27, 2008*
* - Fall/collapse of domestic & int'l stock markets. Fall/collapse of large corporation(s) and political and/or corporate leaders.


1) February 12-16, 2009**
**- Fall/collapse of great (king-like) mature beloved intelligent universal male leader, politician, company and/or industry committed to film, religion, politics and business opposed by ideas of leader of self-centered athletically aggressive agricultural people-based group.

See: Jupiter Crosses Sidereal Fall Position.

September 29, 2008; 1:33 PM EST

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First Written & Posted: December 31, 2007; Latest Update: October 31, 2009; 7:21
PM EST, (- 0400 UTC)

September 30, 2010 is the 4th Anniversary of the Earthquake Dream
2007 earthquake prediction for 2006 earthquake dream was September 30, 2007, 11:33 AM, EST: SEE 2007 RESULTS
2008 earhquake prediction for 2006 earthquake dream was September 29, 2008, 12:11 PM, EST: SEE 2008 RESULTS

2009 earthquake prediction for 2006 earthquake dream was September 29, 2009, 4:55 PM, EST: SEE 2009 RESULTS
2010 earthquake prediction based on solar return for 2006 earthquake dream is September 30, 2010, 3:11 AM, EST

The earthquake prediction posted below came true today exactly as predicted three years ago! Today a whopping 8.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami, one of the strongest earthquakes for 2009, struck U.S. Saoma Islands in the South Pacific 3 hours and 7 minutes after our predicted date and time of a major earthquake 7.0 or greater manitude to strike somewhere in the world on September 29, 2009 at about the time of the 2009 solar return of the earthquake dream of September 30, 2006, which falls on today, September 29, 2009 at about 4:55 PM, EST (8:55 PM UTC). For more details and information, please visit USGS website or click on:

Posted: September 30, 2009; 10:50 AM, EST
A second earthquake occurred on Wednesday, September 30, 2009 at 10:16 AM UTC (6:16 AM EST) that struck Southern Sumatra, Indonesia at a whopping 7.9 magnitude that was down graded by USGS to 7.6 magnitude. This earthquake occurred 13 hours and 21 minutes after our earthquake prediction date and time of September 29, 2009; 8:55 PM UTC (4:55 PM, EST) made three full years ago. For more information on this earthquake please visit USGS website or click on

Posted: October 1, 2009; 9:13 PM, EST
Three noteworthy earthquakes struck the planet today!  6.8 magnitude in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia in a region that is different from the region where the 7.6 magnitude quake struck Indonesia yesterday, 6.3 magnitude in Tonga and 5.1 magnitude earthquake in Central California 7 miles south of Keeler.  We are experiencing a perturbation of the planet earth, most likely caused by cosmic forces.  For more information on these new earthquakes, please visit USGS website or click:

Posted: October 8, 2009; 9:19 AM, EST (-0400 UTC)
At least seven (7) noteworthy earthquakes struck the planet today! 7.8, 7.7, 7.3, 6.8, 6.6, 6.5 magnitudes in Vanuata and Santa Cruz Islands, South Pacific and 6.7 in the Celebes Sea in the Philippines sending tsunami(s) toward Australia and the Hawaiian Islands. These earthquake activities are extremely unusual. We have never seen earthquakes go off in such a coordinated manner in less than a 9 day period. For more information, please visit USGS website or click the following links within the next few days:

Posted: October 28, 2009; 2:16 PM, EST (- 0400 UTC)
7.3 magnitude earthquake in Banda Sea, Indonesia, as reported by almost all major media sources on October 24, 2009, was downgraded to 7.0 magnitude and now stands at a mere 6.9 magnitude. See:

The initial magnitudes of these earthquakes (some reported above) have been downgraded by USGS, watering down their empirical, sociopolitical and economic significance.

EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION: Posted: August 31, 2009; 4:00 PM, EST
The third anniversary of the Earthquake Dream of September 30, 2006 that started this webpage falls on September 30, 2009; thirty (30) days from now! The solar return of that dream is on September 29, 2009 at about 4:55 PM, EST (8:55 PM, GMT). (Solar return is the date and time when the Sun returns to the exact degree position of any start or birth date.) We are expecting a major earthquake (tsunami and/or volcanic eruption) to occur somewhere in the world at 7.0 magnitude or greater, or 6.0 magnitide or greater for earthquakes affecting a major city, town or populated center somewhere in the world. This may happen within plus or minus 24 hours of September 29, 2009; 4:55 (8:55 PM, GMT) as a confirmation and an affirmation of the continuing effects and validity of the predictive, yet illusive dream of September 30, 2006. Similar earthquakes occurred on September 30, 2007 and September 30, 2008. Experience the power of sailing into an unknown future by making a note of this earthquake prediction date and tracking it for manifestation on or about September 29-30, 2009. The chain of events that you might experience is unbelievability, shocking new found belief, then outright rejection and denial clinging tightly to the socially acceptable scientific paradigm of reality for reasons of self preservation. Join us in our exploration of the mystery of an unknown universe, then ask yourself the question, is life on Earth fated, and if so, then what is the role of free will? Do we really have free will or are we subject to the manipulations of the planets and stars? Mark the earthquake prediction star date of September 29-30, 2009 in your calendars now, and let's watch together as the future unfolds.

Credit as an Effective Barrier to Employment & Tax Incentives to Help the Protracted Unemployed - MUST READ FOR POLICY MAKERS
First Posted: August 31, 2009; 11:11 AM, EST; Updated: October 19, 2009
The Bush inspired post 9-11 New World Order didn't make the world a better place - it loosened, unraveled and in some cases destroyed some of the basic structure, pillars and fabric of society that faithfully served the American people for many decades. For example, in today's world, no man can buy or sell or get a decent job in the United States without having good credit, which many people in the United States do not have because they have no money. If you are marked in the United States through unemployment or low wages as having no credit, you will never get a decent job until you get good credit, especially for jobs in the insurance, banking and financial industries. It's a catch 22, chicken and the egg story: no money, no credit; no credit, no job; no job, no hope; no money for economic households mean no credit, no job, no social or economic change or justice! Advances in technology, communications and the internet have provided the financial world with tools and techniques not available or administratively possible in the pre-20th century world that allow these corporations and financial institutions to more effectively punish people who fail to make payments on time while major banks aggressively and recklessly promote credit card use and spending to claim a larger percentage of a household's disposable income. In fact, the global banking industry of the modern world order has dictated to the governments and congresses of the world that no man should work if he does not have good credit in order to secure repayment from those who are working, making a mockery and an example of those who are homeless and on the unemployment and soup kitchen lines. In this regard, federal regulations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) U.S.C. §1681 et seq. tacitly allows employers in the United States to lawfully discriminate against prospective employees based solely on their unpaid bills or outstanding credit liabilities. U.S. financial and labor laws are at its finest when they promote human dignity by disallowing job descrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, etc., but are at its worst when they deny people employment by allowing job descrimination based on credit under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It's time to repeal, amend or modify FCRA. It denies people jobs, break up families and drive people homeless in a silence, quiet and tacit way. There is nothing "fair" about the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It is one of the most job descriminating piece of legislation that the U.S. Congress has ever been passed in that it pits bankers and the entire U.S. financial system against the job seeking public. In this regard, you will be denied employment in the United States if you do not pay your bills on time. In this way, your career and employment is tied (i.e., married) to your credit standing and creditworthiness. And in this sense, it is a blind form of electronic slavery. What is worst is that people in the United States and the world over accept this unnecessary social malady as a normal way of living. They do not see anything wrong with the system. Hence, there is no public outcry or protest (just silent suffering by those who do not have good credit) primarily because there is no awareness of the problem because people have become accustomed to living under a new financial system that fosters a lower set of social and moral values because most people believe that their voice, input and opinion can make no difference in the present world order. In fact, the executive, legislative and judicial arms of the US government do not find anything wrong with the system that the banks pushed through Congress in the 1970s. And no religion in the land will voice an opinion on the matter; they never do - God can only speak through the laws of the US Congress, the courts and the president, never through the actual experiences of the people who carry these crosses. It is Old England's debtors' jail brought back into the modern times with the state avoiding the cost and embarrassment of imprisoning the debtor; the debtor is punished in the modern world by being denied employment and hope for a better job or future. For example, it is not unusual in the US to hear people say, 'I need to improve my credit score to get a job'. What is worst is that all governments around the world seem to have accepted or adopted this medieval concept of social justice. It is a major cause of unemployment for many people in the U.S., but the government will not accept or recognize it, since no senator or representative wants to go up against the banking lobby on this matter. When you apply for a job online with most large US companies and government agencies, you are involuntarily forced to give the prospective employer permission, i.e., the right to check your background and credit for "pre-employment assessment and evaluation" or you will not be allowed to enter their job website to apply for that job. The computer then takes over and runs your name against a ton of credit, background check and other private and public databases to assess your suitable for working with the company. This may include databases that have any job related personality, cognitive behavior or character assessment profiles and questionnaires that you might have completed with another employer in the past where private third party companies hold and sells your questionnaire results under exclusive intellectual property rights to the company that you apply to in order to determine if you are a good fit for the company before the hiring manager or recruiter even sees your online application, thereby giving the recruiter or employer "electronic pre-employment assessments" of your credit risk, impersonation risk, character profile and other confidential personal information, which should all be illegal, since the job applicant never sees this information and do not know how data gathered from private and public databases are being used to deny them employment. It is a one way street in favor of the employer with no countervailing legislation being considered to level the playing field between the employer and job seeker. For example, Nexus Lexus pre-employment subscription service to which most governments and large companies subscribe automatically tells the employer through automated processes in an instant if they should hire or interview an applicant based solely on credit, education and other background check factors, much of which can be erroneous, and you the job seeker is never given access to the information that they collect and use in making hiring decisions because US laws do not require transparency or sharing of employment data with the job seeker, except under very limited conditions of the FCRA, which many employers ignore to limit lawsuits and liability. Employment prospects in the United States are not based on skills and ability to do the work that is the hallmark of a system of meritocracy, they are equally tempered against one's social and economic standing defined through factors such as creditworthiness, even though there is no relationship or correlation between credit standing and job performance or ability to do the work, but US federal laws have unwittedly made it so. In other words, many of the people who are not working in the U.S. economy today are locked out of the system because reports from a private company such as Nexus Lexus, which the job seeker never sees says that they are not employable. On one extreme you have 'too big to fail' - a new concept and ideal for American capitalism that secures control for those already in power, while on the other extreme you have 'too destitute and poor for us to do anything about' pointing the way for a new future and a vain promise for a brighter tomorrow. How can they justify writing checks for themselves for $700 billion and let the rest of America suffer? In October 2009, there were 82 home foreclosures in a seven day period for one county in Florida alone (Lee County), i.e., about 320 home foreclosures per month. According to statistics released by the Southwest Florida Real Estate Investors Association, there were 1,610 mortgage foreclosure lawsuits filed in Lee County in September 2009, down slightly from August's 1,692 and sharply off the near-record 2,462 from September 2008. Are governments, institutions and corporate administrative entities and interest more important than the people they serve? The moral standards at the start of the third millennium under this new world order seems more uncaring than those of pre-18th century feudal societies because people today are more concerned with money and wealth accumulation as a means of economic survival rather than quality of life, values, culture or heritage. Yet, through corporate controlled mass media and advances in science and technology that serve not the poor or masses of the people of the world, but those who can afford their benefits which the poor must finance through low labor wages, blood, sweat and tears, we are duped and doped into thinking and believing that that is not the case. That is the problem of the modern world, everything depends strictly upon money, including one's own social, economic and personal well being and survival, no longer is money tempered by the bounty of the land, local ingenuity and manufacture, community, tribe, culture, heritage, character or values. Our economic survival is strictly tied to money and credit, yet we must all walk around pretending that that's not the case. When money is taken away from us in any form, we all fall down, unable to perform and function, unable to move, unable to live, while our existence relies not on money but on the sun and our place in the solar system, which most people don't even know exist because they are so caught up in their own little social bubble and self-centered domain of existence! Our point is simple, job descrimination based on credit should be illegal. If a person has bad credit or does not pay his or her bills on time for whatever reasons, good or bad, that person should be denied loans and credit not a job. It is unfair and unjust to tie (i.e., marry) credit to employment; there is no social, religious or moral basis for it; it hurts the individual and the economy. Until we solve this problem and get back to instituting basic social and moral values in all our relationships between the powerful and the small, many people will remain unemployed and not move up the ladder for lack of having good credit. Banking and financial credit standing should never be used as a barometer or measure to judge and assess the value and intrinsic worth of the individual, particularly as it relates to employment.

The crash of this F-22 adds to our list of planes falling from the sky during this Jupiter in Capricorn transit period. See: Bloomberg, BBC, LATimes, CNN,

A report released today (03/25/09) by the British journal Nature stated that a car size asteroid slammed into Earth on October 6, 2008. The asteroid was discovered less than 13 hours before impact in Sudan. See: BBC, Scientists Grab Piece of Asteroid,

The impact of Jupiter in Capricorn in a fall position continue to impress us throughout its intensified and critical fall degree positions in the Sidereal Zodiac.

As defined below, and as predicted on January 7, 2008, we witnessed another fall in the domestic and international stock markets with the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching a 12 year low falling to 6,547.05 on March 9, 2009 and the S&P500 dropping 1% to 767.53 (See: Bloomberg & Economist).

Significant falls were experienced elsewhere as well.

Madoff (a mature person and leading investor with universal appeal that is now despised by others) fell during this fall period and was brought to justice for his billion dollar ponzi scheme. His image matches our January 2008 prediction very well - see 2008 Prediction.

We noted that a lot of "stuff" fell from the sky during the critical degrees of the fall period starting with the F-18 Military jet that crashed in a San Diego housing community in December 2008 killing 2 people.
This started a trend of "planes falling from the sky" that was followed by the Miracle on the Hudson involving USAirway Flight 1549 that saved the lives of 155 passengers and crew, the fatal crash of Continental Flight 3407 in Clarence, Buffalo, New York killing all 50 on board, a Fedex Cargo plane crash in Tokyo, Japan killing a crew of two, 17 killed in a plane crash in Montana, a Turkish plane crash in Amsterdam on February 25, 2009 killing 9 and injuring 55, a chopper crash in Canada on March 14, 2009 killing 17, A military plane crashes in Ecuador on March 20, 2009 killing at least seven (7) people, a plane carrying African Union peacekeeping force crashed in Lake Victoria after taking off on March 9, 2009 killing 11, a plane crash in Santa Fe, New Mexico on March 9, 2009 killing 2 people, meteor falls from the sky in Texas, satellites collide in space, two nuclear submarines collide, and a failed satellite falls back to earth.

Three critical fall periods that will close out this fall transit are April 24 - 30, 2009 just before Jupiter enters Aquarius before retrograding in the Sidereal Zodiac, July 3 - August 7, 2009 and finally December 14 - December 19, 2009. Judging from this experience, awareness should be raised during these critical fall periods exercising sound judgment and caution for airline safety.


SEE: USGS DataSheet


Will the predicted major earthquake strike north of the center of the USA within the next 5-21 days?

See note below.
Also see WDJ.

Posted: February 7, 2009; 9:07 AM, EST

Last year when Jupiter crossed the critical fall degree (15º) in Capricorn in the Tropical Zodiac, we experienced a collapse of domestic and international stock markets that had been predicted on January 7, 2008 at Jupiter In Fall Position. Also see Credit Crisis.

1) February 26 - March 3, 2008*;
2) July 20-30, 2008*; and
3) October 18-27, 2008*
* - Fall/collapse of domestic & int'l stock markets. Fall/collapse of large corporation(s) and political and/or corporate leaders.

1) February 12-16, 2009**
**- Fall/collapse of great (king-like) mature beloved intelligent universal male leader, politician, company and/or industry committed to film, religion, politics and business opposed by ideas of leader of self-centered athletically aggressive agricultural people-based group.
Jupiter Crosses Fall Position.

We cannot say for sure what this corresponding five (5) day fall period in the Sidereal Zodiac shall bring in terms of FALL, A FALLING AWAY or COLLAPSE.  However, we can identify certain attributes that may characterize the period as follows:-

1) Affect older, mature, seasoned, experienced or a veteran at what-one-does-type-person or people who are leaders/matriarch/patriarch of their group, families and communities, some passing away (Jupiter in Capricorn), some literally and figuratively coming back to life (see 6 below);
2) Emphasize universal theme and effects; crumpling of the old guards, system and order to make way for the new (universal effect of Jupiter in Capricorn in the Sidereal Zodiac);
3) Demonstrate strong effects in Tropical regions of the world, particularly south and immediately north of the equator (Sidereal Zodiac influence);
4) Sudden change in luck when facing a dire situation; for example, US Airways Flight #1549 (Part of Fortune conjunct Uranus and Sun);
5) Sudden break in tradition, breaking of agreements, contracts, marriage proposals, partnerships and treaties (Vesta squares South Node, North Node, Juno and Jupiter);
6) Resurrection from the dead or being pulled out of a deadly crisis or situation! The recent bad winter weather in the northern hemisphere, California receiving strong rain fall in a time of desperate drought, Economic Stimulus Package in the US and recent US Airways plane crash and survival in the Hudson River in New York are sound examples.  This shall also manifest on the personal/individual levels as well in areas of career (job loss and recoveries) and health (back/skin/bones/teeth).  (Pluto conjunct Lilith trine Part of Fortune);
7) Possible rise in the US domestic and international stock markets at the end of the fall period on COB February 17, 2009 (Libra rising, Part of Fortune in Cancer on Mid-Heaven; Moon at 7º of Scorpio in the 2nd House virtually assures it), and again on May 1, 2009 and December 20, 2009;
8) Exaltation of astrology over traditional - methods of knowing (Uranus in Aquarius opposes Saturn in Leo).

With Venus in Pisces and Lilith in Sagittarius trining (120º) the Part of Fortune in Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiac at the start of the critical fall period, this means that not all falls shall be bad or malefic, as it was in October '08 under more austere celestial alignments.  Some will be good or fortuitous.  In others words, some things that we want to fall shall fade away – the weather for example (bad winters in the north, hot summers in the south - Australia).

For those seeking a bottom or end to the current financial crisis, look no further!  King Jupiter's transit of the midpoint of Capricorn in the Sidereal Zodiac brings much needed relief.  From hereon things should improve in markets and the global economy.  Jupiter ingress into Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiac on May 1, 2009 brings a new economic reality to the USA and global economy. The period from February 17, 2009 to May 1, 2009 is an economic transition period that will usher in New Hope by May 1, 2009. The problems with the US economy however are not to be minimized.  As CNN recently reported, the problem goes beyond layoffs.  A hiring freeze is now in place at most US companies giving job seekers no where to go, causing a virtual backup on the unemployment line.  Nevertheless, fear mongering is fear mongering in critical crisis situations whether done by Democrats or the Republican Party.  Let the Bill be examined by all.  Negotiate on the issues with an attitude of openness, fairness, reason and compromise, not from a position of strength, power, faith or personality.

This 5 day fall period could trigger severe earthquakes (7.0 magnitude or greater) in unexpected places around the world (non-earthquake risk zones), including in the USA and Canada (near the area spanning 43ºN, 96ºW up to the Canadian border reaching over to the Greater Chicago Area ), which is a form of falling or collapse of the Earth upon itself that could involve volcanoes in some regions of the world!  We recently witnessed one example involving a 3.0 Magnitude Earthquake in the Greater New York Area of New Jersey; two 4.8 magnitude earthquakes since January in the relatively inactive Red Sea and several smaller quakes (2.5 – 3.2) literally marching in a straight line across the face/middle of the United States between January and the first week of February 2009!  This should be a time of increased earthquake awareness, watchfulness and vigilance, not a time to stick one's head in the sand or argue about right or wrong – time may be of the essence in addressing unwelcome natural disaster situations!  1, 2, 3, All Fall Down! See: NorthCentralUSA, East of CenterUSA and WDJ - WDJ-Index

The critical five (5) day fall period starts Thursday, February 12, 2009; 2:41 PM, EST and ends on the newly revised date of Monday, February 16, 2009; 10:14 PM, EST.  While this is the exact transit for the 15º fall position, the effects will be felt long before and after this time period by as much as an additional 7-21 days as we apply and separate out of the critical fall degree position in Sidereal Capricorn.  For some people the effects will come sooner, for others much later, but fall we must, especially when functioning in the Sidereal Zodiac where fate oftentimes rule things!

Jupiter enters a new sign (Aquarius) in the Sidereal Zodiac on May 1, 2009. Note however that Jupiters retrogrades (goes back) to Sidereal Capricorn on July 31, 2009 going direct on or about October 13, 2009. Jupiter stays in Sidereal Capricorn from July 31, 2009 to December 19, 2009 and does not re-enter Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiac until about December 20, 2009. The good news is that while the Jupiter retrograde period will bring back memories of the past, forcing us to fix or re-do things not properly done in the past, Jupiter will not transit the critical 15 degree fall position during the retrograde period; hence, we will not experience the extremes of what we experienced in the Tropical (October 2008) and Sidereal (February 2009) critical fall periods.

STOCK MARKET CRASH OF 1987 & 2008 Written: October 11, 2008, 12:32 PM, EST
Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International, Atlanta, Georgia correctly predicted the stock market crash of 1987 commonly known as BLACK MONDAY.  As posted on YouTube in January 2008, Robert Prechter correctly assesses the cause of the 2007 slip in stock market values that occurred on October 19, 2007, which are the same reasons driving the stock market crash of October 9th, 2008, that is a loss of purchasing power of the dollar propped up by under priced credit markets – i.e., massive credit inflation, which has artificially held up the value of the dollar through the lowering of interest rates that began under Greenspan around the turn of the Century in the years 1999-2000.

Robert Prechter's analysis was aired on Bloomberg “Open Exchange” on October 19, 2007 (11:30 AM EST) when the stock market fell by 1½% on the 20th Anniversary of the 1987 Stock Market CrashBlack Monday!  Ten days earlier on October 9, 2007, the stock market had reached an historic high of 14,164 points.  Exactly one year to that date on October 9, 2008, the stock market crashed losing nearly 40% of its value forcing today's meeting of the G-7 (excluding Russia) and G-20 nations in Washington, DC.

To hear Robert Prechter's analysis of what caused the 2007 1½% slip in stock market values, which is very much in line with our assessment posted at When All Else Fails, please visit:

THE PARTY IS OVER! Written: September 28, 2008; 5:55 PM, EST
Secretary Paulson “will not” get the $700 billion asked for to bail out Wall Street.

The Congress has moved wisely to restrict that monstrous outlay of taxpayers' money.

Only $250 billion will be approved now to deal with the financial crisis and every $50 billion thereafter will need Congressional oversight and approval.

Congressional oversight will be established over the disbursement of $250 billion, and draconian powers requested by the Treasury Secretary that would allow the Bush Administration to do as it likes with $700 billion without question has been removed.

The full details of the plan are being released to the public.  You may go to the “House Financial Services Committee” to learn more about the plan at:

Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008

Summary of Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008

Section-by-Section of Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 200

Written: September 23, 2008; 8:45 PM EST

The Congress should not buy into Henry Paulson's $700+ billion plan to bail out Wall Street.  This is the biggest con-game that has ever been played on the American people.  The doom and gloom that Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke are predicting will not happen.  Yes, there will be a fall out, but not half as bad as they are predicting.  The Fed and the Treasury are still not dealing with the problem at the systemic level, which is that of the American homeowner. When they do that, all will be well.  Of the total mortgages on banks' books, net previous write-downs, about 75%-80% are good, 10% needs restructuring and about 10%-15% needs to be further written off.  This is something that can be worked out.  The Congress needs to spend more time scrutinizing the plan by gaining a better understanding of the composition of the mortgage portfolio for financial institutions requesting help that must include cash flows, collection/repayment rates, default rates and total non-performing and non-accruing assets before making a decision.  This basic financial information that the Treasury has in its possession should be made available to the American people to justify any plan adopted by Congress.  Any plan approved by Congress must send a strong message to Wall Street that much pain and suffering would be part of the remedy as well.  Wall Street should not be made whole sticking the bill to future generations of America people.  If the Congress does not get this bill right, it will go down in American history as the World Biggest Political and Economic Blunder.  This is not a bail out - it is outright theft of American tax payers' dollars! 

In banking, when a bank makes a loan, cash goes out the door in exchange for accurate and verifiable information on the company or individual's business and affairs. Other than security interest, all that a financial institution has when it makes a loan is information on the borrower and a "promise" to pay. In this case, the Congress is given no information, only a 3 page document, and are being asked by the Treasury and the Fed to commit $700+ billion of taxpayers money with no security interest and no information on how this money is going to be paid back or spent/invested for the benefit of the "American people". Try that at your local car dealer or with your friends. It doesn't work and makes no sense at all. The Congress should know what it (the American people) is getting in exchange for $700+ billion. After the money goes out the door, the Congress is stuck and no information will be given by the Fed or Treasury on the disposition of the funds or how the American people will benefit in the short and long run. The Congress needs to play the role of "Banker" on behalf of the American people. They should put on their banking hat when evaluating this proposal, which to date they have not done.

THE RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH Posted: December 3, 2008; 10:08 PM EST
Jim Marrs -- New York Times Bestselling Author #18 of the recently published book, "THE RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH: The Secret Societies That Threathen to Take Over America", states on page 34 that "A successful political movement requires money, lots of it. There is no question that Hitler's rise to power rested heavily on the support of the major ... banks."
In discussing Ratlines, the $700 billion bailout may be the biggest piece of cheese that the rats have bitten, now the traps may go off. Large black circle or spot on the back of a white sheep dog.

According to Reuters, Germany says U.S. will lose financial superpower status.

WAR FUNDING OR WALL STREET BAIL OUT? Written: September 25, 2008; 2:13 AM EST
$700 billion dollars is a staggering amount of money. It is the kind of financing that governments need to start a major war in the world. It is certainly enough to support the war in Iraq for another 6-10 years. Do the math: $700 billion divided by $10 billion per month for 6-10 years on average of about 96 months. $700 billion seems far more than would be needed to solve the mortgage crisis, estimated at perhaps about $200-$300 billion, which can be done legislatively costing no money at all by allowing bankruptcy judges to restructure or extend mortgage terms from 30 to 40 years fixed. Could the crisis on Wall Street have been staged to force Congress to hurriedly approve the Bail Out Plan, right before Congress goes on break, without knowing the true facts and details of The Rescue Plan or how the money would be spent once Treasury gets Congressional approval?

Mrs. Bush said it well when she said 'we must maintain our support of funding around the world and after that the markets will settle'. Source: CNN Morning News.
Lipstick on a pig?

WHAT SHOULD CONGRESS DO? Written: September 23, 2008; 8:45 PM EST
More consideration, deliberation and discussions are needed before making a decision.  The Congress needs to do some in depth financial analysis and soul searching.  Each Congress person in both the House and the Senate must feel 100% comfortable with the up- and downside of their decision before they cast their vote. All questions and request for information by the Congress must be addressed before money goes out the door.  Congress needs to perform proper due diligence and appraisal of Secretary Paulson and Chairman Bernanke's proposal and should not be pressured into making a quick decision. At a minimum, Congress owes this to the American people more than anything else.
Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke should be asked to present alternative options for the Congress to consider that more fully considers the needs of the American people. 

It is not a question of voting down the plan, it is a question of finding the right solution, one that will work, and that usually takes time, especially when large sums of money are involved.

Lowering interest rates over the past 8 years did not prevent the stock market from failing and neither will this massive bailout do the trick unless it is properly structured and designed to fit the problem. 

Congress should go on its planned break this weekend and consider the Treasury's proposal when they return; the world will not fall apart; the sky will not cave in on us.

Congress is working on the problem, let Wall Street wait!

Written: September 18, 2008; 4:24 PM EST

In light of all that is happening on Wall Street this week, at this date and at this time, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling a record 1000 points to about 10,500, we need to comment on the global financial crisis that has been plaguing the U.S. economy and offer some sensible solutions on how to fix it. What is definitely not being discussed in the news media is what caused the financial crisis and how to fix it? Everyone instead is looking for “a bottom” in the market by being reactive and descriptive of unfolding events, but this does not help much. Until we address the root cause of the problem we will not find a sensible or workable solution. Passing the buck or blaming others does not help at this critical stage and juncture of the game, and our lawmakers know that.

It is common knowledge that the credit crunch is caused by the mortgage crisis, fueled by low interest rates, a weak dollar and high gas prices that seriously threatens to fuel domestic and global inflation in the wake of Hurricane Ike and the impact that that hurricane has had on the national oil distribution system emanating out of Galveston and Houston, Texas.

We had Sarbanes-Oxley after 9-11, which aggravated financial markets and did nothing to stop corruption, detect fraud, reduce political back-dealing or prevent institutional failures, primarily because it was not intended or designed to do those things. Sarbanes-Oxley was really much ado about nothing. In essence, it was a mere rewriting and attempted standardization of extant accounting rules, regulations and best practices that were already in the system with the narrowly defined focus of attempting to scientifically (meaning statistically through group classification) control and hold Wall Street banks and companies accountable to a higher standard of reporting and stewardship, which ultimately failed.

Hence, in light of the current financial crisis and the 9-11 style Regulatory Commission (Failed Sarbanes-Oxley rewritten again?) that Senator McCain has respectfully called for to “investigate” what went wrong and fix it, we should be very careful not to repeat the mistakes of the past that Sarbanes-Oxley brought to financial markets – that sent many American businesses to European markets in London, China and Moscow. That piece of shoot from the hip “rapid-fire” legislation is a testament to the fact that increased regulation was not the problem and hence should not be used as a political ploy or excuse to confuse voters on the issues because it does not and will not and cannot address the problem of the financial crisis at the systemic level. The American people knows better than that.

To better understand the current financial crisis, let's look back at our history of the past 8 years in order to come to terms with what happened that fostered, nurtured and gave rise to the unfolding mortgage crisis when Sarbanes-Oxley (a strong piece of inquisitive regulation that came out of the SEC) was at its height of implementation during the years 2001-2006, proving definitively that regulation and banking regulators were not the problem.

The mortgage crisis pumped billions (even trillion) of dollars of bad debt and worthless securitized paper into what was beforehand a solvent, well functioning global financial banking system. However, when George W. Bush took Office in 2000, one of the first things he did was to allow Countrywide Financial and many of his friends and cronies to make an uninvited raid on the unregulated (unprotected) housing market by offering no-income, no-credit, no/low down payment "grant" mortgages to qualified and unqualified borrowers for overvalued and worthless properties at unrealistically low teaser rates (ARMs) in Black, White and Latino middle and lower income communities all across America that were politically backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's (Washington connected) underwriting and securitization networks and lobbies. This is the problem that was never fixed or addressed.

The Federal Reserve Bank under Alan Greenspan was cognizant of these illicit banking and mortgage practices that were softly and quietly being carried out in the housing market and banking industry but intentionally choose, for political purposes, to turn a blind eye to the problem, and in this way, allowed these unsavory banking practices to continue unfettered without the necessary regulatory (i.e., supervisory) oversight that would normally be expected from a national Central Bank - for the Federal Reserve Bank held the single Ace card that could have immediately stopped the problem dead in its track that would have averted the current financial crisis but failed to use it in a meaningful way, that is raising interest rates.

Raising interest rates would have busted up tacit corruption in the housing market by removing the incentive to refinance at lower teaser rates, force alignment to market forces, strengthen the dollar, reduce inflation as well as gas prices. At no time during the past 8 years did the Fed see this as a plausible alternative and kept lowering interest rates instead.

When the Fed, who is suppose to act as an independent voice, check and countervailing force against government misspending, abuse, mismanagement or ill conceived economic or fiscal policies chooses instead to join forces or come under the direct influence of the president's administration or policy makers on Capitol Hill, you get mush!

A sweet heart deal was struck, at least so it seems, and greedy, scrupulous investors that were politically motivated went in for the kill, promising Wall Street investment bankers a nice slice of the pie, after all it had Congressional backing and approval but most of all the president's blessings; who can reasonably say no under such circumstances and not lose their job or essential customer base?

Bad debt was being produced, dressed, packaged and sold to global financial markets on a massive scale reminiscent only of the role that Wall Street money center banks played vis-à-vis regional banks in the 1970s Latin American debt crisis. More strikingly, no one individual or public financial institution had a full picture of what was happening on the ground or on an overall basis. The credit rating agencies who should have caught the problem, failed! No one individual or company had power to do anything but to implement their bosses' or customers' wish.

Of all the government regulators and institutions involved, including the SEC, the Federal Reserve Bank was in the best position to end the practice of illicit securitized bad-debt mortgage-backed financial instruments by simply raising the Fed Funds rate to bring a sense of normalcy and “stock-checking” to financial markets, but with a war raging in Iraq and strong pressures from the president and Treasury Office to provide monetary stimulus and policy support for the president's political agenda, the Federal Reserve Bank, under Alan Greenspan, refused to act by raising interest rates to address the growing mortgage problem that was already showing signs of stress and weaknesses that was bursting out at the seams, but instead continued to lower interest rates feeding the voracious appetite of mortgage investors and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac unceasing bad-debt securitization scheme.

Everyone was having fun while the party was on! No one thought of tomorrow when the bad debt that they were producing would come home to roost. That day of reckoning is now and everyone is looking away from the problem by steadfastly pointing the finger at the other guy.

What then is the solution now that we know the problem and how it all began?

The problem started with the mortgage crisis and it will only end when the mortgage crisis and all that bad debt (bad blood) is resoundingly pumped out of the global financial system.

Neither the Congress, nor the Fed nor even the president have yet to propose any meaningful or sensible solution, to this date, that would effectively deal with the mortgage problem.

The Federal Reserve Bank, acting in concert with its Central Bank partners around the globe need to continually pump cash into the global financial system to assure liquidity, but they should not play the role of “ savior of last resort ” for ailing mismanaged financial institutions who took business and financial risk.

The guilt, psychological stress and burden that the Fed carries for feeding the problem by continually lowering interest rates over the past 8 years should be dealt with separately to avoid interference with its objective decision-making capacity to act as a prudent, no non-sense Central Banker.

It is the responsibility of the president working with the Congress and the Treasury Department to offer or not offer solutions to ailing businesses and financial institutions affected by the crisis, but it is not the role of the Fed acting out of a gnawing sense of incompetence and loss opportunity to rescue failing financial institutions, including AIG – that's the job of the Congress.

One of the main problems is that nobody wants to take responsibility.


We have a problem that started in the White House, shifted to financial markets and is now being solved by the Feds. Once the Fed removes or throws away its hat as banker and takes on the role of lawmakers, it instantly loses creditability in financial markets and people the world over will think that “the sky is falling”, for what other reason would cause the Federal Reserve Bank to do that?

If size is the true reason for saving AIG, then what should be the role of the SEC in making sure that companies and financial institutions do not surpass reasonable economies of scale? Clearly someone was not doing their job!

Guilt is a terrible thing!

For the first time in our financial history we are seeing the impact that human factors can have on a “rationally designed” financial system that is suppose to have a soul and heart of its own as reflected in the loosely defined concept of “the market” driven by the "expectations” of “rational” investors, who sometimes behave irrationally, when in fact no one knows how to behave or what to expect in a crisis. There are no exit signs and smoke is bellowing through the hallways. We are only rational when things are “normal,” but no one knows what to do or how to behave when all hell breaks loose – that must be the reason why it is called a crisis.

Again, the solution is simple, focus on the systemic root cause of the problem and it will go away. Solve the mortgage crisis and you will immediately bring calm to financial markets and restore confidence in the financial system.

It is a utter shame that brand names such as Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch will no longer with us, but that is the price we have to pay when the politically well-connected acting through strong banking lobbies manipulate and influence the financial system way beyond its limitations to absorb what is being thrown into it at the most basic and fundamental level of economic reality.

It was the Federal Reserve Bank's role to bring sense and stability to the marketplace by earlier raising the Fed Funds rate. Now the Feds have waited too long and are caught between a rock and a hard place, essentially "checkmating" itself. The crisis is so grave that no matter what the Feds do at this stage, they will be dammed if they do and dammed if they don't - for by driving the Fed Funds rate (which drives interest rates) into the ground at an historic 2.0%, the Federal Reserve Bank has essentially locked itself into a corner with no way out, meaning having no instrument to effectively transform global financial markets other than through open market operations and borrowing from the Treasury, which prints inflationary money.


Things didn't need to get to this stage, which is easier said than done, especially since no one in the past believed that this crisis would have erupted in the way that it did. The problem is the Feds giving up its sovereignty as bankers to ingrained political or economic interests. It would not have been so if they had acted as bankers all along. This is a situation that no regulation, regulator or legislation can address, other than by restructuring the system. By coming under the influence of Washington's powerful politicians, lawmakers and lobbies, the Fed's vision got fogged up and they did not know what to do once in the crisis started, wishing that it would go away in a rapidly evolving financial system where the past is never a good indicator of future outcomes, and to some extent, are still somewhat in the dark as to how to go about fixing the global financial mess and debacle.

Again, the solution is simple, deal effectively with the mortgage crisis and immediately raise interest rates to strengthen the dollar in order to timely prevent the current financial crisis to spill over into a major national and global war against inflation, since once the monster of inflation raises its ugly head there is little that can be done to immediately arrest the problem.

The fundamental problem facing us is government, economist, banker and the Fed's complete lost of focus on the true wealth of nations, erroneously thinking that that wealth lies in the strength of the currency, markets, institutions, interest rates or money supply, while all the time it sits at the base of the economic order as represented by individual household units that make up the people. Destroy those economic entities and you have effectively killed the golden goose.

For more information on this issue, please read:-

Letter to the Federal Reserve System that discusses the impact that low interest rates may have on the economy and on the value of the dollar in particular over the past four years.

A critical look at the administration of monetary and fiscal policy in the United States resulting in an over reliance on scientific methods and procedures and less emphasis on human (supervisory) factors that would require greater judgment, coordination and critical assessment in the formulation of a plan of action that seeks to promote truth, integrity, prudence and reconciliation in assessing and reacting to unfolding economic realities.

OBAMA ACCEPTS DNC NOMINATION: Written: August 29, 2008; 1:08 PM EST
On the historic night of August 28, 2008, Barack Obama accepts his party's nomination. Much of the work that started with the blind inner nocturnal expression of a quickly flashed dream image lasting less than a second that presented itself deep into the mid-night hours of September 30, 2006 from what can only be characterized metaphorically as being from the deep unconscious mind of inter-galaxy space and time, projecting a signal so weak, so profound, so universal and yet so unassuming that it was almost left as an aside or treated as being totally meaningless and irrelevant, comes the near completion of a journey that is but a small step in a totally new direction. Whatever happens from hereon is icing on the cake, since the dream has fulfilled its promise in ever conceivable way and from all directions. We are truly indeed entering a New Age!

2008 U.S. PRESIDENTAL ELECTION - Excerpt Taken Solar Eclipse in 2007 in Virgo-Leo Written Sept. 30, 2007.
In the run up to the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections, we are likely to see a strong and lively debate on issues focusing on food security, public health and safety, clean air and water, inter-state, domestic and international trade and commerce, U.S. growing trade and budget deficits, freedom of speech, communications, the environment, international image and reputation, as well as values. With Leo involved, celebrities will play a major role in endorsing candidates and helping candidates to win.

With proud and big mane Leo involved, those who look the role and talk-the-talk are more likely to win the U.S. presidential election than those that are strong on the issues.

In other words, image will parlay a major role in US 2008 presidential election. The presidency is likely to go to the candidate that looks and sounds presidential, and in this regard, Leos such as Barack (ha'pa)
* Obama are strongly favored by the stars.

* - Ha'pa
(with the accent on the first syllable) is an Hawaiian term meaning neither White nor Black. Being ha'pa, one sees in Barack Obama what one wants to see in him because he has got it all within.

Obama Received the Symbolic Rod of Correction - Written June 5, 2008; 7:00 PM EST
Senator Barack Obama was presented with a wooden maple rod on June 5, 2008 in Virginia by an elderly, 95 year old African American man name Charles Edwards – a positive omen and an appropriate symbol for one that makes a bid for holding the keys to the highest power in the land, the holder of whom no door will or can be closed. But does he really understand the meaning of the symbolism? It is the shepherd’s rod, the rod of correction, the shaft of the pole star, Polaris that establishes the earth’s north–south pole axis, it is the stick that forms the handle of the American flag and the base of the Big and Little Dippers in Bootes Constellation; it is the very rod that Moses stretched forth to Part the Red Sea – a symbol of both crucifixion and resurrection. Two rods represent the twin in the astrological sign of Gemini, Hermes, trice great! A dream ticket with Hillary in this position would indicate such an exalted position. But another of equal strength and fortitude can work just as well.

Rev Wright or Rev Wrong - Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde - Written April 30, 2008; 4:33 PM EST
Along what can only be called classic lines, we observe Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde personalities between Barack Obama and Rev Wright and within Rev Wright himself. Filled with anger and jealously, Rev Wright felt compelled to fight back against the best advice of some of his most trusted friends. The earlier 5.2 magnitude earthquake in Illinois and its many aftershocks that started on April 18, 2008 was an omen of problems brewing deep within the belly of the earth that would erupt and threaten to derail Barack Obama's campaign and bid for the oval office. But was it as bad as the media portrays it to be? This morning a smaller yet affirming 2.8 magnitude earth 113 miles WNW of Denver, Colorado that came almost immediately after Senator Obama denounced Rev Wright on April 29th suggests that Obama will survive this latest assault to win the democratic nomination after all, but we must await further and stronger seismic affirmation before declaring him a winner.

While writing this note, a 2.6 magnitude earthquake struck Illinois at 2:29 PM Central, an aftershock of earlier earthquake activity. The point is clear, the Rev Wright issue will not go away easily or soon.

Much of what has happened over the past month was a test that was very much needed and necessary indeed. How else can we come to know who Barack Obama really is? How does he stand up under pressure, what does he do when attacked and how does he respond? With Hillary Clinton his response to her relentless attacks was avoidance, no more debates before the primaries, she stings! But with Rev Wright he had to take the bull by the horns or risk outright defeat.

Whether Rev Wright was right or wrong in his views is not important. What is more important is the strong divergent viewpoints and opinions that exist in Black America among the Black Church and political process and within the albeit separate Black news media that exists as well. Most Whites and many less informed African-Americans were shocked and rudely awakened to the reality that such divergent viewpoints and opinions existed within the American society. For the first time we learn how some African-Americans felt about HIV AIDS, the War in Iraq and other important topics that have seen censured, suppressed and kept out of the national and public media for a very long time. If Rev Wright did not say what he said at the respected NAACP and National Press Club in Washington, DC, African-Americans views and opinions, "wright" or wrong would have continued to be suppressed and kept out of national news coverage. Like any good psychosis or neurosis the social mental disorder breaks through on the national and international scene at the worst possible time, some would say at an opportune time, to do what all good neurosis and psychosis do, which is to grab and seize our attention, not so much for Barack Obama who has heard these viewpoints before, but for the American government that has spent untold amount of resources championing and sustaining a war strategy and economic policy that for many Americans have failed. It took a Rev Wright with all his African American cultural style, gesturing and Black pastoral mannerism to put those underground and hidden feelings out into the open for all to see. It is really a lost to conservative opinions and viewpoints that have dominated the national agenda and international media. It is also a call for reconciliation and national healing through discussion, exploration and debate to allow Americans and the world to better understand themselves by drawing their own conclusions about topics that have been tabooed in American society, including conspiracy theories about 9-11 which remains a strong topic on the internet and in blogs and chat rooms all across America and the world. Only then when all comes out into the open can we burry the past and move on.

We have also come to know Senator Obama better, and the role that the African-American Church and political power structures have played in influencing his opinion and campaign that led to his bid for the White House. At this point it appears that everything he wears is truly borrowed making one wonder what is really underneath. Both men thought they truly knew each other well, and both were wrong. Obama can denounce Rev Wright but he cannot eject his own shadow. As Rev Wright said, 'it is you that I shall now be after' - affirming a change in political destinies. In this regard, it is important to note that Senator Obama would never have been elected Senator or have made it this far in his bid for president without the continual help, guidance and support of some of the very people he denounced. The interplay between intelligence and the heart, mind and feelings will forever elude man to produce strange and mysterious results. He is indeed a Trojan Horse, but one made for America by Americans in America to penetrate the psyche and subconscious of the broader American society in order to create a new future and better world for tomorrow. These are the differences that only a Ha'pa "Black" Obama can address and contribute on the national scene. The question as he continues to go through this metamorphosing process is, will he in the end abandon or be weak on the African-America agenda as his recent comments on very sensitive Black issues suggest, or will he be able to do what no man has achieved in American politics, be all things to all people? Sooner or later he will have to choose. It is that indecisiveness, that playing both sides of the fence which he is famous for in bi-partisan politics and political maneuvering that will test his will and ability to truly transform America towards the greater good.

Written & Posted: 4/30/2008

See: Solar Eclipse 2007 in Virgo-Leo


We would like Senator Barack Obama to make the following statement on Climate Change to earn our vote for President of the United States of America:

Having been born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961, I understand earthquakes and the grave risk they present to world civilization, peoples and cultures all over the world as well as the dramatic increase in earthquake activity that has occurred globally since 2002 at an average of 45 major earthquakes per year over 6.0 magnitude, with many over 7.0 and 8.0 magnitudes, as compared to only one (1) major earthquake in 1973 over 6.0 magnitude that occurred in my home state of Hawaii.  It will be the primary focus and objective of my administration to attack and confront the issue of Earth Changes as expressed through Global Warming and Climate Change to preserve and secure people and all life forms on this planet.  Earthquake warning, detection and prediction shall be the cornerstone of the efforts of my administration in addition to other important climate change initiatives, including the reduction of fossil fuel usage and CO2 green house gas emissions through the development of human and technological policy-based initiatives that would allow us to safely and efficiently secure our shores lines and human population centers from the ravages of tsunamis that may or may not strike in the future when we least expect them.

The United States under my leadership will follow Japan to strengthen building code standards throughout the United States to protect property owners against earthquake disasters that may occur in many regions of the country.  In addition, we will work with state authorities and the insurance industry to make earthquake insurance affordable and available to every property owner in America.  My aim would be to strengthen and not weaken an already ailing housing market and provide new jobs and investment opportunities for the building and construction industry.

Also see: Care2 comments on international whaling involving Japan

Earthquake predictions shown below are DATE & TIME STAMPED in the WORLD DREAM JOURNAL as of January 16, 2008; 4:15 PM EST.

Prediction Date for Denver, COLORADO

January 16, 2008 to August 1, 2008 1:10 PM, MST
Target Date: July 22, 2008, 12:00 PM, MST

Earthquake of 3.1 - 4.4 magnitude or greater occurring in or near Denver, Colorado before the Democratic National Convention.

See World Dream Journal entries of: January 16, 2008 & January 26, 2008

2.6 Earthquake near Denver, Colorado, July 26, 2008
3.1 Earthquake 94 miles SSW Denver, COLORADO, Jan 26, 2008, 39N, 106W

2.8 Earthquake 113 WNW Denver, COLORADO, April 30, 2008; 4:19 AM MST

Prediction Date for HAWAII

January 16, 2008 to May 24, 2008, 8:11 AM, HST
No Target Date

Earthquake of 4.0 to 5.8 magnitude occurring on or near The Big Island of Hawaii or in the Hawaii region.

4.3 Earthquake in HAWAII, September 19, 2008, 19N, 155W
Volcano Erupts in HAWAII, July 8, 2008
3.6 Earthquake in Hawaii, Volcano, May 22, 2008, 19N, 155W
3.5 Earthquake in Hawaii, Volcano, May 22, 2008, 19N, 155W

See World Dream Journal entry of: February 1, 2008

Prediction Date for 1) Denver, Colorado, 2) Hawaii Region
or 3) Anywhere else in the World

July 12, 2008; 8:01 PM, HST
equivalent to:

July 13, 2008; 6:01 AM GMT

Earthquake of 7.0* magnitude in remote areas or 6.0 in major town or city**. See: Scope

6.2 Earthquake Strikes Taiwan, July 13, 2007; 2:58 PM, UTC
6.4 Earthquake Strikes Greece Islands, July 15, 2008; 3:26 AM, UTC

7.0 Earthquake in Japan, Saturday, July 19, 2008

* - EARTHQUAKE MAGNITUDE DEVIATION & REPORTING STANDARDS: Earthquakes 6.7 or of greater magnitudes up to but not exceeding 7.0 reported and confirmed magnitude shall be considered to be at 7.0 magnitude to correct for deviations and possible errors associated with magnitude reporting standards that stem from debatable and oftentimes differing and obfuscating earthquake magnitude reporting guidelines and formulas used within the national and international geology and seismology communities.
** - This last prediction for an earthquake occurring anywhere in the world on July 12, 2008 was made on January 4, 2008; 10:08 PM, EST

one solar year from winter solstice at December 22, 2007 to winter solstice at December 21, 2008

3.1 Earthquake 94 miles SSW Denver, COLORADO, Jan 26, 2008, 39N, 106W
See World Dream Journal entries of: January 16, 2008 & January 26, 2008

2.8 Earthquake 113 WNW Denver, COLORADO, April 30, 2008; 4:19 AM MST

3.7 Earthquake 234 miles SSW Denver, COLORADO, June 4, 2008, 8:02 AM, MST

None to date
Volcano Erupts in HAWAII, July 8, 2008

Check back for earthquake results by visiting:

* - Earthquakes 3.1 magnitude or greater in likely places of Montrose, Glenwood Springs, Steamboat Springs, Aurora, 50-100 miles west of Denver, Colorado in Boulder and Longmont, as well as Medicine Bow National Forest and Wheatland Reservation #2 in Wyoming. Last earthquake was 3.4 magnitude on November 17, 2007 at 139 miles WSW of Denver.

** - Earthquakes 4.4 or greater in likely place of The Big Island of Hawaii at Mauna Loa, southeast of Hilo, Mauna Kea or anywhere in the State of Hawaii or surrounding Pacific Ocean.

Medium earthquake magnitude of 3.1 - 4.4 is used for Denver, Colorado because it is more inland at the base of the Rocky Mountains; however the actual earthquake they experience might be greater.

Strong earthquake magnitude of 4.0 - 5.8 is used for Hawaii to distinguish it from other earthquakes that might occur on the islands, and also because the islands of Hawaii’i are located near the center of the Ring of Fire that could experience stronger and more frequent earthquake activities. 

This figure of 5.8 magnitude reflects possible downgrading by USGS that may occur.  USGS initial magnitude reported for this predicted earthquake may be as high as 6.6.  Hence, with respect to earthquake magnitudes, there are two magnitudes that we look at: 1) the initial reported magnitude, which we feel is the best indicator of the severity and importance of an earthquake, and 2) any subsequent revisions made by USGS.  For our reporting purposes, we always use the highest reported magnitude whether initial or subsequently revised.

See Role of Earthquakes below for an interpretation of their possible meaning.

Anytime from now to August 25, 2008, or shortly thereafter
- i.e., within 30 days after the Democratic National Convention.

For prediction purposes, earthquake prediction shown herein refers to earthquakes as well as explosion of some sort as explained and described in the earthquake Dream of September 30, 2006 shown at:

For explosion of some sort and collapses occurring in 2007, please visit:

Power of the Number Four (4)


Only at Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii do you find a single natural symbol that represents the four climatic regions and conditions of the world.

1) At the top of Mauna Kea one finds the frigid and icy conditions of the Swiss Alps and freezing cold places such as Siberia in Russia.

2) Descending this great mountain from a height of 13,796 feet (4,205 meters), where again the number four (4) is relevant (
1+3=4; 7+9+6=22; 2+2=4; 1+3+4; 4+4=8; the British measurement system of inches, feet, yard, pound and ounces were developed using measurements taken from the planet Venus. See: Venus, Her Cycles, Symbols and Myths by Anne Massey) one enters a tropical forest that can only be found in the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil of South America.

3) Leaving this naturally occurring Hawaiian tropical forest on the majestic slopes of Mauna Kea one next descends into desert like conditions found no where else as in the Arizona Desert in the USA.

4) Arriving at the base of the mountain of Mauna Kea near sea level of the mighty Pacific Ocean, one quickly observes the natural beauty of Africa's Serengeti - Masi Mara ecological system that can only be found in East Africa in the countries of Kenya and Tanzania.

At 4,200 feet, Mauna Kea Observatories house the world's largest observatory for optical, infrared, and
sub millimeter astronomy carefully studying the mysteries of the observable and fated sky.

Written & Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2008; 12:40 EST


Obama's 4 primaries have the look, feel and taste of traveling down Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii (a top-down approach).

Winning the Iowa Primary on January 3, 2008 was like being on top of the mountain of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii at 13,796 feet above sea level, nothing short of experiencing an elated feeling of victory after battling in the white snow, ice, winds and cold.

Next Obama experienced traveling through the Amazon Rain Forest in New Hampshire mountains and primary; where Hillary took the lead in a very close race that defied the polls before and after.

Then Obama was alone in the desert of Nevada in Las Vegas battling to final victory in delegates, 13 to Hillary's 12 through the luck of a cosmic draw. The gods are on his side!

Finally Obama secures victory once he arrived at this home base in majority Black South Carolina (the shape of which closely resembles The Big Island of Hawaii more so than any other state in the continental USA), a feeling that is no different from being in native Kenya or on the Serengeti or Masi Mara National Park in South Carolina's savanna lands representing Mauna Kea's ocean floor sea level savanna areas.

Note that Obama set up his headquarters at the center of the state of South Carolina at Columbia, South Carolina from which to set off a landslide-earthquake victory at a margin of 2 votes for every vote Hillary got with a whopping 55% lead. The name Columbia itself suggests excelsior - not much different from the District of Columbia!

Written & Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2008; 12:40 EST

Prediction for Obama's First Four Years in Office

Obama's first four years in Office will follow this pattern as well as follows:

1st Year – Great Success (Being at the Top of Mauna Kea) - 2009!

2nd Year - Republicans Strike Back! - Amazon Rain Forest – It’s a jungle out there in 2010!

3rd Year - Difficult Struggle in 2011 - no resources, no help, give me some water please, as in the Nevada Desert, however, as in the Nevada Primary, victory for Obama is assured!

4th Year - Much success and victory all over the country in 2012 as occurred in the South Carolina Primaries!

Written & Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2008; 12:40 EST

The 2008 Democratic National Convention will be held in Denver, Colorado, August 25-28, 2008. 

Denver, Colorado is on the Ascendant of the 2007 Solar Eclipse in Virgo and Leo that occurred on September 11, 2007. 



Senator Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 at 1:06 p.m. (adjusted) in Honolulu, Hawaii.

tten & Posted: January 2008


August 25, 2008 - August 28, 2008

The chart for the date of the Democratic National Convention of August 28, 2008, 8:00 PM MST for Denver, Colorado is provided at:


Interpretation of the daily transit chart for the date of the Democratic National Convention may be provided at a later time. However, the chart is provided at the above link for the convenience of professional astrologers who may want to examine it along with the other charts provided in order to formulate their own opinions without pre-conceived bias by the author. What follows is a description of prominent astrological features of the daily transit chart for August 28, 2008, Denver, Colorado, 8:00 PM, MST to enhance synthesis and interpretation by professional astrologers:-

Pluto at 28° Sagittarius 32' retrograde in relatively close alignment with the Galactic Center of 26° Sagittarius 57' trines Obama's North Node 27° Leo 54' conjunct Uranus, Lilith, Sun, Mercury in Leo in the 9th and 10th Houses.

Pisces, sign of compassion, forgiveness and spirituality rises at 17° 35' with Neptune, the ruler, in the 12th House of spirituality at 22° Aquarius 29' retrograde sextile the Mid-heaven and in conjunction with the Part of Fortune and North Node of destiny and life purpose and mission in the 12th House. Pluto the esoteric ruler of the 12th House sits gracefully at the Mid-Heaven in Sagittarius.

Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces both retrograde remains in mutual reception.

Jupiter in Capricorn (retrograde) ruled by Saturn moved into Capricorn on December 19, 2007. See discussion of pre-natal events Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction.

There is no final dispositor.

The ruler of the chart is Neptune in Aquarius in the 12th House in mutual reception to Uranus in Pisces sitting on the Ascendant at 21° Pisces 16' retrograde.


Jupiter will be in a fall position at 12° Capricorn 42' retrograde on the night of the Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado, coming off the quintessential acute Jupiter fall position of 15° Capricorn that will occur three (3) times in 2008 in the Tropical Zodiac and once (1) in the Sidereal Zodiac in 2009 (± 4 Days; Jupiter in Capricorn fall influence can start up to 3 months earlier) as shown below.

Jupiter often represents kings and people in high or prominent status-quo positions, especially in business and politics; Capricorn often represents older more mature people, businesses and/or politicians.

Jupiter will be at its most critical fall position at 15° Capricorn in both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs on the following dates:

1) February 26 - March 3, 2008*;
2) July 20-30, 2008*; and
3) October 18-27, 2008*
* - Fall/collapse of domestic & int'l stock markets. Fall/collapse of large corporation(s) and political and/or corporate leaders.

1) February 12-16, 2009**
**- Fall/collapse of great (king-like) mature beloved intelligent universal male leader, politician, company and/or industry committed to film, religion, politics and business opposed by ideas of leader of self-centered athletically aggressive agricultural people-based group.

See: Jupiter Crosses Sidereal Fall Position.

Venus, love, relationship and feminine energy in a fall position in the 7th House near critical degree of 29° representing extremity in the fall position of 28° Virgo 07'. The critical fall degree for Venus is 27°, which puts transiting 28° Virgo 07' on August 28, 2008; 8:00 PM, Denver, Colorado within 1° 07' of this very major fall position under a very tight 1° orb.

Mars, aggression, war and masculine energy in detriment in the 7th House at 6° Libra 11'.

Mercury, planet of communication, in honor on the Descendant at 29° Virgo 57'.

PALLAS ATHENA - Political and Intellectual Strategy!
Pallas Athena, ruler of strategy and outstanding accomplishments, alone in the 3rd House of communication at 8° Gemini 49' not aspecting any other planets or positions.

Moon at 13° Leo 36'.

Sagittarius, ruler of universal truth and higher education, prominently at the Mid-Heaven of power and public exposure.

Juno conjunct Lilith in Sagittarius in the 9th House.

Venus in Virgo squares Pluto in Sagittarius.

Vesta in Taurus squares Moon quincunx Juno in the 9th.

Posted: January 7, 2008; 10:00 PM, EST

Star of Bethlehem

There are two things to consider in Barack Obama's pre-natal astrological analysis. One is the effect of eclipses that might have occurred while Senator Obama was still in his mother's womb and the other is any significant or important celestial events that might have occurred during this time as well before he was born. Three celestial events were identified between November 1960 and August 4, 1961. They are:

1) Total Solar Eclipse on February 14, 1961
2) Lunar Eclipse on March 2, 1961
3) Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction of February 18, 1961

The Path of Senator Barack Obama's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse that occurred before he was born on February 14, 1961 went through France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe. The Path of Obama's Pre-Natal Lunar Eclipse that occurred on March 2, 1961 when through Asia, Australia, Pacific and North America.

The path of these eclipses specifically tell us the areas of the world where Obama will face his greatest challenges and have the strongest impact.
It is interesting to note that none of these eclipse paths run through the Middle East or Iraq where Obama's Venus conjunction line travels. This means that Obama will not have any difficulty addressing Middle East issues including the War in Iraq or addressing issues in the Middle East, but would face greater challenges along the lines and path of his pre-natal eclipses. This is also where he might have the greatest successes for which he would be remembered.

Briefly speaking, the Total Solar Eclipse in Aquarius makes Barack Obama an intelligent "Aquarian" personality in the sense that he never meets a person that he does not like and would have an eclectic collection of friends throughout this life, the more the merrier! Being a Leo with Sagittarius degree influence, his role would not be to entertain friends and family as Bill Clinton and most Leos would prefer, but to either put them to work or enlighten them with some brilliant idea that only he knows and understands too well.

The Sun Side of the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces of March 2, 1961 brings out "Christ-like" compassion in Barack Obama, a sense of enlightened martyrdom as well as isolation and self-imposed imprisonment in order to regenerate through long periods of sleep for rest and recuperation perhaps sitting in Buddhist mediation position in light blue and white floral patterned pajamas, and nothing else but sleep will do for him, i.e., deep, long sleep with no disturbance or interference, which he probably did right after winning the Iowa Caucus - a well earned personal reward indeed.

On the Moon Virgo Side of the Pre-Natal Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, when Senator Obama awakens from a long well deserved overdue rest, he jumps right back into action working hard as if nothing else is important or exist. This is natural for individuals who have Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Capricorn in their charts found in the 1960-1961 generation depending on placement and aspects. (For Your Information: Jupiter conjuncted Saturn in 1980-1981 in the Tropical astrological sign of Libra on December 27, 1980 which focuses on having well structured and functional relationships and again in 1999-2000 in the Tropical sign of Taurus on May 28, 2000 that focuses on increasing one's financial resources and sustenance through business, politics or career.) Since Capricorn rules Career and Public Image there is never enough work around the office or home to exhaust these strongly organized and well structured "Ever-Ready-Powered-Battery" souls. Obama's favorite expression might very well be, "what must I do now to win the presidential election or 'properly' run the country." Driven is an understatement for these Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn individuals. Inexhaustible energy, tremendous strength, vigor and commitment are better terms due to Jupiter's abundance and Saturn strict discipline and demands to
stick with the schedule, especially when in the astrological sign of Capricorn.

However, it should be noted that in Obama's case with his Sun and Mercury at 12 and 1 degrees of Leo in the Ninth (9th) House (see above), work for Obama comes easy, (it is not exhausting) in that he gets more done in less time than most people would. So, yes he is an extremely hard worker as indicated by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in the Third (3rd) House, but he is also one that works efficiently with ingenuity as the chart indicates, with the rare ability to multiple the fruits of his labor many times over by working through his staff, family and firm supporters. See: Obama Inbetween Two Long Ropes with Pyramid of Supporters Behind Him.

Obama's pre-natal Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction aligned with the Part of Fortune on February 4, 1961, ten (10) days before his pre-natal solar eclipse occurred in Aquarius and 14 days before pre-natal Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction. See: Obama Pre-Natal Jupiter-Saturn Part of Fortune Position.

Another "King" is born. According to Hawaii's favorite astrologer, Susan Aiu, who was the individual who identified Barack Obama in early December 2006 as the person whom my December 2006 Prediction for the Next President of the USA relate to that was based on the Earthquake Dream of September 30, 2006 posted later on this website on December 27, 2006 and date and time stamped in the World Dream Journal and Dream Registry on January 12, 2007*:

"REGULUS is the fixed star signifying fame and fortune. It is at 28 Leo.  Barack's North Node, his way out in this life, is in his career house at 27Leo19, so he was born to be famous in a public career.  He has brought this into this life, through the South Node in Aquarius which reached out into the world.

I remind you that he learned tolerance for all peoples by being born and raised in Hawaii. My daughter who was born just 3 months later than  him, and grew up here, has confirmed the effect that Hawaii has on locals.  And when he relocates to DC, he has Capricorn rising, putting his Saturn/Jupiter conj right under the ascendant.  His Progressed Moon is moving through Capricorn now, emphasizing his mental acuity, and then will go through Aquarius [starting December 29, 2007 when transiting Mars retrogrades into Cancer in the Tropical Zodiac; also see Mars in Cancer], allowing him to be the Universal presence in the world."

It is important to note that Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction occurred only 4 days after the Total Solar Eclipse in Aquarius took place on February 14, 1961. This close alignment gives Obama very strong, if not powerful, pre-natal influence in the sign of Aquarius at a time when we are shifting from the Age of Pisces to the New Age of Aquarius that started when Uranus Entered Pisces on December 30, 2003.

Astronomers and astrologers agree for the most part that the Star of Bethlehem was the triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that occurred in the sign of Pisces about 7 BC. It was this conjunction that The Wise Men (Magi) followed in the sky (astrologers from the east, most likely Babylon, which is now modern day Iraq, perhaps Kurds) to find the exact astro-location of the manger of Jesus, The Christ. Triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is said to occur only once every 900 years. The Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn on February 18, 1961 was a single event. It did not occur again throughout the planets retrograde periods. However, what makes this conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn very special is the fact that it occurred close to the time of a solar and lunar eclipses of Aquarius, Pisces and Virgo. The Total Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on February 14, 1961 gave strength, energy and greater importance to this conjunction than others that normally occur throughout the Century.

The Star of Bethlehem is not an actual star as many believe. Many astronomers and astrologers believe that the supposed Star of Bethlehem is nothing more than the Triple Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that took place around the time of the birth of Christ. This Jupiter-Saturn conjunction appeared as a star over the manger in Bethlehem, City of David in Judea. "Edgar Cayce's Secrets of Astrology" by Kirk Nelson (page 117) ( or places the Birth of the Christ at March 19, 4 BC- a little after midnight in spring of the 4th year of the First Century BC. Adrian Gilbert, author of "Signs in the Sky", places the birth of The Christ near the summer solstice at July 25th 7 BC - a date when shepherds living in the Middle East do not keep watch over their sheep at night!

JESUS, The Christ
Birth Dates According to Adrian Gilbert & Edgar Cayce
Triple Conjunction & Date of Crucifixion

According to Luke 2:8 shepherds kept watch over their flocks at night. It is well known in the Middle East where Jesus was born that shepherds only kept watch over their flocks at night during the spring when ewe (female sheep) gave birth. At other times during the year, sheep are allowed to roam freely. Because of the constant danger of predators in the early spring when ewe gave birth, it was important for shepherds to watch their flocks at night to not lose new born lambs to predator animals. For this reason, Edgar Cayce's birth date of Jesus, The Christ of March 19th, 4 BC makes more sense for the birth date of The Christ.

Our modern day usage of December 25th as the birth date of Jesus, The Christ, came from European Celtic Traditions (pagan - Wicca) that celebrated the winter solstice and the Re-Birth of the Unconquerable Sun God for three days after the winter solstice occurred on December 21-22 of each year. While the people of Europe and much of the old world actively celebrated the re-birth of the Sun each year at the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and at the summer solstice each year for people living in the southern hemisphere, the Astronomers-Astrologers of the Ancient World would Carefully Check the Earth Declination to the Sun to Ensure that the Earth had not Moved off its Axis that Heralds the Start of a New Age through a complete wipe-out of prior civilizations (for example, The Mayans).

The shepherds who watched their flock at night were informed of the birth of the Christ Child by the appearance of an angel, after which they departed to Bethlehem to see the Christ child and share their story of the appearance of the angel with others in the Town of Bethlehem, of which Jesus' mother took note. See: Luke 2: 8-20.

It is important to note that astrologers living in ancient times in Israel, Judea, Babylon and Egypt were meticulous keepers of time who used the horoscope to align events and predictions with the movement of the planets and the stars.

If you follow along for illustration purposes and change the second word "AFTER"(New Kings James Version) or "WHEN" (King James Version) to BEFORE in Matthew 2:1 you get a completely different story that is consistent and more in agreement with Matthew 2:16 that states that The Magi gave Herod erroneous information on what time the star appeared that made it impossible for Herod to independently determine and verify when and where (ancient GPS system) the Christ Child would be born, which made him exceedingly angry, resulting in the death of many innocent children.

The idea that the Three Wise Men arrived "BEFORE" and not tardily AFTER or WHEN Jesus was born is further supported by the idea that it is unlikely and would have been grossly unprofessional for The Three Wise Men (Magi) to have set out on a very important, long awaited historic journey to Bethlehem from the east in Persia (modern day Iraq) "AFTER" the Christ was born, knowing full well that the child could be moved after birth by its mother at anytime to a new town, city or location (particularly since the mother and child had just completed a long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, the City of David and were forced to spend the night in a manger, since there was no room at Bethlehem's Inn; Luke 2:7), that would have caused The Three Wise Men (Magi) to completely miss out on finding and positively identifying the Christ child after such a long and arduous journey from the east. It is most likely that the Magi set out to find the location of the birth of the Christ well in advance of the child's predicted birth date, place and time using astrology to give them the exact date, time and location of birth. Once the Three Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem and confirmed the location, date and time of the birth of the Christ child and saw the star directly on the Mid-Heaven above using astrological and astronomical calculations to correctly ascertained the proper alignment with the planets and stars above, all they then had to do was to wait for the arrival of "a mother" (whom they knew not!) to come to Bethlehem at that exact and precise date, time and location to give birth to the Christ child based upon when they expected the birth of the Christ Child to occur, which would be consistent with the prophecies and predictions of past Jewish prophets and patriarchs.
It would have been very important to the Magi that they witness the birth themselves to confirm and ascertain that the Christ child had been born before bestowing their precious gifts on the chosen one!

For the Three Wise Men to have found the Christ Child "AFTER" the mother gave birth would have been completely unacceptable, since all mothers living in Bethlehem with a young child would have claimed that their child was born at the date, location and hour prophesied by the Three Wise Men. The Three Wise Men wouldn't know which mother to believe. As was obvious to King Herod, whenever people in ancient times saw Magi come to their community, town, village or country they instantly knew that the arrival of Wise Astrologers from the East was for a very special reason! The town would have been buzzing with rumors, but the Magi being faithful to their creed would never have disclosed the reason for their visit under any circumstances, knowing that evil lurked in abeyance at the door.

Note that at their embassy meeting to gain visa entry into Judea, King Herod of Judea diligently enquired of The Three Wise Men NOT where the Christ child would be born, but rather 'what time the star appeared' (Matt. 2:7) to allow his own court astrologers to calculate the exact birth date, time and place of the birth of the Christ child. Knowing the serious nature and implications of Herod's enquiry, The Three Wise Men were forced to deceive Herod by NOT giving him the correct constellation, planetary alignments, date and time when the star appeared in order to protect the Christ Child from King Herod (Matt. 2:16) who later became exceedingly angry! Using the constellation, date and time that Herod had determined from information provided by The Three Wise Men, since Herod had no other source of information to properly and accurately determine when the star appeared, Herod chose to put to death all male child two years and under who were born in Bethlehem as well as all its districts, just in case the Christ child was born in out-lying districts under those astrological assumptions.

Herod's action suggests that the Three Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem up to two (2) years before Jesus was born, and that during their entire stay they never revealed the date and time when the star appeared - for the Wise Men this must have been a secret mission. The star involved could have been the fixed star Regulus, but since Regulus was well known in the ancient world as the star of Kings, it could have been another star for which Herod was given the name, but not the correct time when it appeared; hence Herod was not able to independently confirm and verify the Wise Men's prediction of the birth of a savior King!

Two years later when Herod discovered that the Wise Men did not show up as planned and his men found no star appearing and no child being born at the place, date and time when they expected the birth to occur (based on astrological information provided by the Wise Men), Herod became exceedingly angry and urgently sought the Wise Men who had already left his country via another route.

Once the Magi (Three Wise Men) identified and witness the birth of the Christ child based on the date, time and location given in ancient prophecies vis-à-vis alignment with planets, stars and past Jewish and Middle Eastern prophetic traditions, they confidently provided gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child and mother and took their leave. Their task completed, the Magi (Three Wise Men) need not stay on any longer since the mother was tired from her long journey bearing child from Nazareth to Bethlehem to be registered and documented according to Caesar Augustus' decree (Luke 2: 1-8) to allow prophecy to be fulfilled, even of the then known crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of the anointed one!
Written & Posted: January 13, 2008

* - The Dream Registry started to accept porn ads in summer of 2008 soon after it became obvious that Barack Obama would win the U.S. presidential election, perhaps in part to discourage web surfers from believing predictions posted on its website about earthquakes and that Barack Obama would win the U.S. Presidential Election. Since summer 2008, the Dream Registry started to accept porn ads which discredits all previous dream postings at the shock and chagrin of its prior users, some of whom believed that the owners of that website were serious and conscientious dream researchers. As a result of this development, CelestialAffairs developed the World Dream Journal and all dream postings related to this website are posted there. Posted: March 12, 2009: 09:13 AM, EST


January 20 - John F. Kennedy becomes the 35th President of the United States.

April 12 – Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet cosmonaut, becomes the first human in space.

May 4 - Freedom Riders: 13 black and white students with the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) leave Washington DC on 2 buses, to test integration laws in bus stations throughout the deep South.

May 14 - American civil rights movement: A Freedom Riders bus is fire-bombed near Anniston, Alabama and the civil rights protestors are beaten by an angry mob.

May 25 - Apollo program: President Kennedy announces before a special joint session of Congress his goal to put a man on the Moon before the end of the decade.

May 31 - South Africa officially leaves the Commonwealth of Nations.

June 25 - U.S. philanthropist George Washington Vanderbilt III is found dead at the base of a San Francisco skyscraper.

July 2 - Ernest Hemingway commits suicide by gunshot in Sun Valley, Idaho.

August 13 - Construction of the Berlin Wall begins. Movement between East Berlin and West Berlin remains restricted for the next 28 years, until November 9, 1989.

September 17-September 18 - UN Secretary-GeneralDag Hammarskjöld dies in an air crash en route to Katanga, Congo.

September 19- The first Grey alien is reported.

October 9 - Digital photography invented by Eugene F. Lally presented in a technical paper at the American Rocket Society's Space Flight Report to the Nation in New York.

October 10 - A volcanic eruption on Tristan da Cunha causes the whole population to be evacuated.

October 30 - Nuclear testing: The Soviet Union detonates a 58 megaton yield hydrogen bomb known as Tsar Bomba over Novaya Zemlya. It remains the largest ever (man-made) explosion.

November 9 - Neil Armstrong records a world record speed in a rocket plane of 6,587km/h flying a X-15.

November 18 - U.S. President John F. Kennedy sends 18,000 military advisors to South Vietnam.

December 2 - Cold War: In a nationally broadcast speech, Cuban leader Fidel Castro declares he is a Marxist-Leninist, and that Cuba will adopt Communism.

December 5 - U.S. President John F. Kennedy gives support to the Volta Dam project in Ghana.

December 9 - Tanganyika gains independence and declares itself a republic, with Julius Nyerere as its first President of what later became Tanzania.

December 11 - The Vietnam War officially begins, as the first American helicopters arrive in Saigon along with 400 U.S. personnel.

December 15 - An Israeli war crimes tribunal sentences Adolf Eichmann to die for his part in the Jewish Holocaust.

Written & Posted: January 2008


Around the World with Barack Obama

Obama has his ascendant Saturn line (shown in YELLOW in the above Astro-Map) going through Washington, DC, which means that he would be a very strong and an effective political leader in Washington, DC as well as in the northeastern states, including Florida. But being on one's Saturn line, as most astrologers know, means learning hard lessons in order to develop the necessary maturity gained through very hard work, delay and much political restrictions in these states. In typical Saturn style and fashion, it will be difficult, "hard-lessons" and challenges for Obama to win northeastern states according to classic astrological symbolism of Father Saturn which rules time (Chronos). Hence, what happened in New Hampshire on January 8, 2008 should have been expected by most astrologers who did not get caught up in the Venus-Neptune euphoria of Iowa. In New Hampshire, father (Saturn) "Clinton" won, but in time the young lion shall overcome the old!

The thing about Saturn is that you work first and get paid later, not the other way around which has become a standard and tradition in Washington, DC where performance (political, Iowa or otherwise) does not matter. Euphoria does not work under Saturn influence - only under Neptune influence (see the upside-down fork symbol of Neptune on the Astro-Map above whose colors are magenta, turquoise, green). Neptune is considered by some astrologers to be the highest octave (i.e., expression) of love, not Venus - since from Neptune's "energy" we get compassion and universal love as opposed to the personal love of Venus whose colors are turquoise, pink, teal. Those who approach Neptune's energy wrongly, with mal-intent or weak capacity to absorb, harness and channel Neptunian powers for good or productive purposes, which can only be to serve others less fortunate than Self, grossly deceive themselves or become drunk and delusional under the "sweet waters" of Neptune's cloudy and tricky nature - extremely deceptive for the uninitiated. The 2007 Solar Eclipse in Pisces that occurred on March 18-19, 2007 demands and shall evoke strong Neptunian qualities of loving compassion in mankind for the next 2-3 years. (Sky Watch article for 2007 Solar Eclipse in Pisces coming soon that shall discuss Neptune being the ruler of Pisces!)

Obama's Neptune line runs through the Canada and Mid-Western states starting in Ohio as well as Atlanta, Georgia and Tallahassee, Florida. Note, however, that whenever Obama wins on his Saturn line shown in the Astro-Map above, not only would Barack Obama have truly earned his stripes to win; he will also be King (Father-Saturn) of all, since at that point he will be functioning at the top of the astrology chart under Saturn influence that first restricted him, asking him for his credentials and pass before allowing Obama to enter; which he is well prepared to provide.

A BLACK HORSE IN A WHITE HOUSE - Saturn colors are Black, Grey, Indigo
When "Black ha'pa* Barack Obama" (Black is the color of Saturn) is seen as the most qualified person to be in the White House by people living on his "Saturn line" in the northeastern states, at that point he shall win the northeastern states hands-down!

* - See above.


It should be noted that ancient Egypt had a White House and a Black House as well. Under L'Efant's architectural design of Washington, DC, the White House is placed at the geographic center of Washington, DC with the Congress to the right rising on the ascendant. But any symbolic reference to ancient Egypt's Black House, like the dark of night, is missing and unseen, or is it?


Two earthquakes occurred on The Date of the New Hampshire Primary on January 8, 2008, which clearly affirms Obama's continued earthquake ascendancy, which will be hard or very difficult for people in northeastern states to accept of believe due to Obama's Saturn line going through those states. These people will need hard proof and evidence to consider such a "ridiculous" astrological interpretation or influence, and even after receiving such proof, they still don't believe - that is the nature of Saturn which rules Capricorn, agent of restriction, discipline and hard work.


3.1 Earthquake in OHIO, January 8, 2008, 8:34 PM, Central Time
that occurred on The Date of the New Hampshire Primary on January 8, 2008 near Lake Erie, Ohio on Obama's Neptune line discussed above that generated great love and euphoria for his candidacy.

Note also that an earthquake occurred on The Date of the New Hampshire Primary (January 8, 2008) on The Big Island of Hawaii at 2.8 magnitude minutes before Obama made his address to his New Hampshire supporters in New Hampshire at a critical 10:09 PM, EST (5:09 PM HST), affirming that he is still the cosmically chosen one, even in New Hampshire!


2.8 Earthquake in HAWAII, January 8, 2008, 10:09 PM, EST

Obama's curved, ascendant Venus opposition line (shown in yellow as
) runs through the Mid-West indicating that Obama would be loved and hated in the Mid-West USA, but idealized as well since his Neptune Mid-Heaven line (shown in red as a straight north-south line) runs directly through Chicago, Florida and Central America. Obama brings swift change in the Southeastern states including Florida. Venus opposition carries an element of blood and hate, since it is in opposition to love, but this cosmically symbolic "hate" energy is melted away by Obama's Mid-Heaven Neptune line which runs through those states as well. Interpretation: those that would normally symbolically "hate" Obama will love him in an Neptunian idealistic way in the Mid-West; unlike people on his Saturn line, the Mid-West needs no proof to accept Obama's Earthquake Ascendancy.


Obama would shake up Alaska and western Canada and is idealized in these regions as well. He regenerates, feels good and goes on the off-beat in Hawaii. Earthquakes can occur whenever Obama visits Hawaii since his chart now carries the energy of great political power. Obama will have to deal with tough issues dealing with Antarctica and the North Pole region, particularly as they relate to glacier melting and global warming. Buenos Aires comes into conflict with Obama. Rio in Brazil finds that they cannot win. Guyana's, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile find communication with Obama difficult, even electrifying at times. Peru is enlightened and spotlighted by Obama, so is Colombia and the people of the North Andes region of South America. Great benefits to Panama and Canal negotiations ensuring a complete overall in US-Central American relations. With Obama's Mid-heaven Moon line traveling straight through the heart and central core of South America, Obama is the man that makes South America feel good and secure as being apart of the north-south dialogue and dynamics of these two polarized continents of the Western Hemisphere. Obama will change politics for the better in the Central America and the Caribbean region. He is loved in all of Europe, Central and Southeastern Africa as well as Northern and Southern Africa. West Africa benefits the most, particularly Ghana and Nigeria. He brings political change to Portugal. Obama uses unconventional methods, powerful diplomatic efforts, with the possibility or threat of a bloody war to bring peace to the Middle East for which he is loved. Obama's Venus line
travels directly through Baghdad. US troops in Baghdad loves Obama for bringing peace to the region and bringing them home - the only man who can achieve this feat. India faces a tough Obama that must toe the political line to achieve its political objectives and praises Obama for the positive changes that he brings to that region of the world - literally a New Day! The Chinese have mixed feelings about Obama working closely with him on some issues, coming to his aid on others, and sometimes using power and unorthodox methods to reach agreement. Tokyo sees Obama as being very ambitious and aggressive and comes into direct and open conflict with Obama's Washington Administration for the first time in US history due to Obama's Mars conjunction line () traveling directly through Tokyo. However, the two are able to resolve their differences in typical Asian fashion and work quickly and assertively to boost economic growth in the Pacific Region due to Obama's tough stance on the issues. Asia soars and China takes notice. Together they achieve much to revive the ailing Japanese economy once they both decide and recognize that it is important for them to agree even if they disagree. Sydney loves Obama, he is the man for Australia. South Pacific finds his politics fair, but would require much deeper understanding to achieve higher goals.

As discussed above, the Path of Senator Barack Obama's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse that occurred before he was born on February 14, 1961 went through France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe. The Path of Obama's Pre-Natal Lunar Eclipse that occurred on March 2, 1961 when through Asia, Australia, Pacific and North America.

The path of these eclipses specifically tell us the areas of the world where Obama will face his greatest challenges and have the strongest impact.
It is interesting to note that none of these eclipse paths run through the Middle East or Iraq where Obama's Venus conjunction line travels. This means that Obama will not have any difficulty addressing Middle East issues including the War in Iraq or addressing issues in the Middle East, but would face greater challenges along the lines and path of his pre-natal eclipses. This is also where he might have the greatest successes for which he would be remembered.

Written & Posted: January 11, 2008

A Look at Dream Analysis from November 2006

While doing astrological and metaphysical analyses of the earthquake dream of September 30, 2006 in November 2007, long before Barack Obama considered or publicly announced his intention to run for president in February 2007, it was written on this website that an earthquake was expected for the center of Texas, near Austin or Crawford, Texas. The following is taken from

It is possible that the dream may be about a third and fourth event other than two more earthquakes in Hawaii – especially since the first dream manifestation had nothing to do with an earthquake in Hawaii but with four (4) Telecom towers in the country of Nigeria with Abuja in the center.

We do not know the dates of these other possible events or earthquakes?

What kind of events, we don’t know, but earthquakes or “some sort of explosive event” involving the number 4 cannot be ruled out in light of explosive events occurring in Hawaii, Nigeria, Texas and Washington, DC.

One possibility is Waco or Austin, Texas. Can a major earthquake strike Waco or Austin, Texas, soon? Let’s examine the case of Texas!

The shape of the map of Texas is far from being a perfect match to the map in the dream image, but works to some degree, especially when you consider that Texas have four cities that are somewhat perpendicular to each other and a city in the center that matches the symbolism of the dream. The four outer cities are Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston. These cities are perpendicular or squared to each other with Waco, Texas in the center and Austin, Texas more to the south of Waco.

Can an earthquake or “explosion of some sort” involving the number 4, (4 people, places or things) occur very soon in Crawford, Texas or the White House in Washington, DC?

Crawford, Texas, the location of President Bush’s ranch, is located about 13 miles west of Waco, Texas, which we said is in the center of four perpendicular cities to the northeast (Ft. Worth), northwest (Dallas), southeast (San Antonio) and southwest (Houston) just as the White House is to four similar extreme points in Washington, DC.

The White House and Crawford, Texas are located in or near the center of four extreme perpendicular points. Based on the map in the dream image we should expect “an explosion of some sort” to occur in either or both of these centers involving the number 4 in some major and significant way. We do not know what these events are or how they shall manifest, but if what we observed from the gas pipeline explosion in Nigeria that killed 269, a 6.7 earthquake in Hawaii that injured FOUR People and the political fall out in Washington, DC are correct, then it is just a matter of time before the White House and/or Crawford, Texas take center stage in some major “earthquake” or major explosive event involving the number FOUR (4).

We should keep an eye on the White House and Crawford, Texas as possibilities for manifestation of the dream image in a 3rd or 4th event.
Written & Posted: November 2006

On the morning of January 8, 2007, dozens of grackles, sparrows and pigeons mysteriously dropped dead from the sky on two main streets in Austin, Texas without any sound or reasonable explanation. One of the streets was Congress Avenue that was shut down for several hours covering an area of about 10 blocks. See: World Dream Journal Entry of February 13, 2008

According to the New York Times, the Pentagon announced on February 13, 2008 that it will shoot down a disabled 5,000 lb spy satellite using star wars technology within the next two weeks since toxic rocket fuel could pose a danger to human population centers. A missile will be fired from a navy ship to shoot down the satellite as it enters earth’s atmosphere. There is a 4 day window of opportunity to make this happen before the satellite enters earth’s atmosphere. The risk of debris striking a population center remains a possibility. The safe, albeit uncontrolled, entry of Skylab in 1979 was achieved by changing the 78 ton space station’s orientation to shift its entry point. According to the NYTimes article, “Much of the craft fell into the Indian Ocean, as predicted, but some pieces traveled farther than expected falling harmlessly in Western Australia.”


Austin, Texas will take full focus and center stage on the date when Mars enters the Tropical sign of Cancer on March 4, 2008. The United States, celebrating its birth date every year on July 4th, is considered to be a Cancer country. Hence, we can state that from this date forward a strong and athletically aggressive race begins for the White House.

Based on the 3.1 magnitude earthquake (3+1=4) that occurred on January 29, 2008 in Western, TEXAS near Snyder at 32.9° North, 100.8° West (see USGS website for more details), we can now project that Barack Obama shall win the state of Texas on March 4, 2008.

Synder, Texas is on the Ascendant of the 2007 Solar Eclipse in Virgo-Leo that occurred on September 11, 2007.

March 4, 2008 is a very important date. Mars leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on March 4, 2008 at exactly 3:24 AM, Austin, Texas time. This means that the debates for the presidential race shall begin in full speed and earnest.

Posted: February 13, 2008; 7:13 AM, EST

Earthquakes do not determine Obama's presiden
cy, they simply provide affirmation of what is to come. We shall examine how this works in Obama's case, since he has been linked to earthquake having been born in the earthquake sensitive region of Hawaii.

The closer the predicted earthquakes occur to August 25, 2008, the stronger will be Obama’s influence and impact on the country and world consciousness once he takes office.  If these two earthquakes occur before the Democratic National Convention it means that Obama will not have any difficulty in promoting his programs and agenda and that he would have the full support of Congress and the American people.  The stronger the earthquakes are in magnitude and the closer predicted earthquake occurs to the date of the Democratic National Convention in August 2008, the stronger will be Obama’s impact on the USA and the rest of the world as President of the United States.

CONJUNCTION – Earthquake Occurring in Denver, Colorado during the week of the Democratic National Convention.  
Should both or either of these predicted earthquakes occur very close to the Democratic National Convention scheduled for August 25-28, 2008 in Denver, Colorado, it means that Obama’s influence will be very powerful and that change would sweep the United States of America like a mighty earthquake or great unexpected tsunami. This is the nature of the celestial and political force that Obama brings with him.

Should the earthquake(s) occur after the Democratic National Convention, such as the 4.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Virginia on Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, November 23, 2006, outside of Washington, DC, 16 days after the 2006 Senate and House Elections on November 7, 2006 indicating a major political fallout for the GOP, it would mean that like the Democratically elected Congress, Obama would face resistance in the House and the Senate and that winning the 2008 presidential elections would be an arduous but not impossible task.  It would also mean that Obama would face constant challenges, set backs, and opposition to his policies while serving as president, but that he would be successful in the end through hard work and persistence.  The more distant these earthquakes occur away from the date of the Democratic National Convention, for example 30-90 days, the more difficult or impossible Obama bid for the presidency becomes.

Should either of these two earthquakes not occur before or soon after the Democratic National Convention as stated in the scope above, it means that Obama candidacy for president may not be successful.  In other words, any significant or major earthquake in Denver, Colorado before or soon after the Democratic National Convention August 25-28, 2008 heralds a fated ascendancy of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States

The US presidential primaries expanded from 4 to 8 starting with Iowa Caucus on January 3, 2008, then Wyoming, New Hampshire, Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina, Florida and Maine leading up to Super Duper Tuesday on February 5, 200
8. Obama shall win at least 4 of these states, possibly all eight before Super Duper Tuesday on February 5th.

Should Obama be elected to the Office of President, based on the symbolism of the earthquake dream, it would be best for him to serve only one four (4) year term and not continue onto a second term for another 4 years.  Regardless of who takes office after his first term, Democrat or Republican, Obama would best serve the national interest and his own family, legacy and impact on national and international affairs if he makes another bid for the presidency four years after his first term has ended.  This would bring Obama presidency into the 12th Year of Office that promises dramatic and profound change, influence, legacy, impact, honor, as well as important and profound respect, which he might not fully achieve in his first term!

The 4 years that Obama is not in Office from 2012-2016 would allow Obama to focus on his family and learn a lot about politics from an
outsider's mature wisdom perspective that would allow him to come back to office with just the style, prescription, inner reflection and great wisdom that the United States and world would need at that time to heal wounds from 2016-2020. It would also show great humility that a presidential incumbent can step down from office by choice and turn office over to another person, democrat or republican, something that most entrenched political leaders would never do. It would also be a first in the United States that would set a very high standard through example for other political leaders all over the world to follow. If Obama serves America as everyone expects he would during his first four years in office, he would be a natural shoe-in, running unopposed for president 2016-2020. As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, "I will be back!"

If Obama wins the caucuses and primaries and ascends to throne of the leadership of The Democratic Party at the National Democratic Convention by August 28, 2008, it is likely that there would be a significantly large earthquake in the State of Hawaii (possibly on The Big Island or at, or near Mauna Loa Volcano (Madame Pele) or in the center of the island as shown in the earthquake dream) on an undetermined date that would force President-Elect Obama to make a special visit to Hawaii, the state of his birth.

Any major, newsworthy eruption of Mauna Loa Volcano on The Big Island of Hawaii would carry significant metaphysical and symbolic meaning for Barack Obama, because he was born in Hawaii.  Should Mauna Loa erupt during his bid for presidency before he is sworn in as president of the United States in January 2009, it would mean that Obama will have significant positive, even volcanic effect on the national and global landscape.  However, should Mauna Loa erupt while Obama is in office, it portends
trouble and major problems (perhaps a heart attack while in office or problems having to do with the four chambers of the heart (or government) while living specifically at the White House) that Obama would not be able to overcome while in Office with any positive results regardless of the amount of resources or efforts applied.  Four Chambers of the Heart is a symbolic and metaphysical concept, it may not have anything to do with his physical herat. However, should Mauna Loa Volcano on The Big Island of Hawaii erupt while Obama is in Office, his best solution would be to take refuge and solace in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean on any of the islands of Hawaii, and perhaps administer the country from this far western remote location.  This action would increase and not diminish his political influence.  As discuss elsewhere, it would shift political power from the ascendant to the descendant where Asia would play a major role in aiding the USA – particularly China.

Written & Posted: January 2008


One possible interpretation that perhaps should not be over looked with respect to the Upside Down Map of The Big Island of Hawaii shown below is that the open area of the map might be an indication of a possible land slide in Hawaii, where a section of the island would break off and fall into the Pacific Ocean. Scientists on a recent pbs program estimate that such a landslide is possible and would produce a 400 foot tsunami heading towards Los Angeles and the west coast of North and Central America traveling at a speed of about 1000 miles per hour, which is about twice the speed of a jumbo jet - absolutely incredible!

South Pacific Ocean
North Pacific Ocean

The possibility of a major section of the land mass of The Big Island of Hawaii breaking off from the main island and falling suddenly into the Pacific Ocean causing a massive 400 foot tsunami - as scientists predicted could happen in a nationally televised pbs program that was aired within the past month (December 2007) would increase the earth's rotation and shift the earth off its axis to shorten the day as the 2004 9.3 magnitude earthquake in Sumatra did. This type of dooms-day scenario that the pbs program presented should not be eagerly discounted as nonsense, especially since the dream image shows The Big Island of Hawaii with an "open," undefined, reoriented Southern Border. The open section of the map in the dream image above could certainly be an indicator or warning that Hawaii may soon lose a major section of the island in a landslide that will fall into the Pacific Ocean much sooner than most scientists would expect. If this were the case, what would west coast of Canada, United States, Mexico and South America do, not to mention the east coasts of Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and low lying islands in the South Pacific that would be affected as well? How do you plan for such a major cataclysmic event and should this televised pbs prediction be taken seriously? Does anyone at all really believe that this could happen, and if so when?

The symbolic reference in the Earthquake Dream of September 30, 2006, if this dream has any relevance at all, would suggest within the next four (4) years or anytime from September 30, 2006 - September 30, 2010 - not to suggest that other dates within this timeframe are not possible, but most likely around the date of September 30th in 2008, 2009 & 2010 (2007 had a major earthquake on September 30th as well). If a major land slide does not happen on The Big Island of Hawaii within this timeframe to create on open border as seen in the map of the dream image above, then I would drop reference to the dream image, but until then or until I can find what the symbolism of the open border in the dream means, I will keep watching hoping against the worst.

If this dream, which actually occurred on September 30, 2006 is a warning for mankind coming from the great unconscious (there is no need in doubting that the dream did occur for what other reason would I have done this web page and maintained it for so long if I did not consider it important; in fact, I think the dream has proven itself to be important, not me), then you have been warned.

The last thing we want to do is to create panic, that does not help in matters of this nature, but those in authority may want to start a watch by paying close attention to everything that creeps, shakes, rattles and roll on the Big Island of Hawaii, especially with respect to Mauna Loa Volcano.

Since we started the earthquake dream study on October 18, 2006, USGS has consistently reported that MAUNA LOA IS NOT ERUPTING (our capitalization emphasis)! This remains the case at the date and time of this posting on October 31, 2009; 6:41 PM, EST (- 0004 UTC). If USGS yellow advisory for Mauna Loa changes after October 31, 2009, we will post the new advisory in a box immediately below.

I can think of no other event (landside triggered by an earthquake or possible eruption of Mauna Loa) that would wash away the south side of the Big Island of Hawaii as shown in the dream image, can you?

The problem is that when cataclysms happen from natural causes, they usually are unexpected occurring quickly and faster than anyone could predict and with more devastation than any economist or scientist can project - like a thief in the night! Do we have our own "Sumatra" lurking around the corner? I can only pose the questions based on the dream imagery of September 30, 2006. It is up to others, especially those in the geology and scientific communities to solve them. What is clear is that the earthquake dream of September 30, 2006 has accurately predicted many things so far, including Barack Obama's political ascendancy and many earthquakes as well. Could a major landslide on The Big Island of Hawaii be one of them?

He That Uses Calculus Cannot Predict:
While many geologists and scientists can predict or better yet, project the likelihood of an earthquake occurring in a particular region of the world through modeling techniques that use mathematical derivations tempered by probability theory within a given, known, proven or predetermined set of static and/or dynamic domain factors that certain major cataclysms may or will at some time in the future occur, usually projected out to 100-10,000 years in the future so that we don't worry about them now, none dare risk being discredited by providing an exact date of when the event will occur, which is precisely what is needed most of all in order to prepare for major natural disasters.

To be able to predict in the traditional sense of the word, there should be no way of knowing or determining beforehand exactly how, in terms of procedure, and sometimes when, a prediction will come true, but that it certainly will. Such predictions must prove themselves in ultimate reality within a reasonable period of time which can last from a few hours to a few years. These are not blind predictions or fictitious machination of the imagination aimed at serving self interest or a social or political purpose. Their discovery are often a shock and surprise to the person making the prediction evoking a deep sense of impossibility or unbelievability. In addition, these predictions must have a source. In most cases the source comes from outside of one's self, since no thought, wish, belief, opinion, inclination, feeling, emotion, rationalized analyses, calculation or mathematical derivation can serve as a reliable tool or model for making such predictions. A salient feature or characteristic of such predictions is that they often seem impossible or unbelievable under current conditions and circumstances. For example, who would believe in 2006 that a native from the Hawaiian Islands would become our next president within a short two years period - virtually no one! Yet that prediction was made in December 2006 without having any sense or knowledge of who the person really was. This is a classic prediction within the traditional sense and meaning of the word, the skill and art of which are lost in modernity.

Another point that must be made is that due to freewill, which has the power to move even the stars according to Cayce, predictions can change no matter the metaphysical or scientific source providing the prediction.

While this is true, events that are fated cannot be changed because it has already been decided that such events must occur. Confused? Welcome to the world of predictions where only results matter.

With respect to dreams and metaphysics, which most modern scientists dismiss as nonsensical pseudo science not worthy of attention or reading, we sometimes find that when we can provide a date, we can't always nail down the natural disaster event, and when we can provide the natural disaster event, we can't provide an exact date, although these predicted events usually happen within a short period after the prediction is made.

Hence, we are not saying with 100% certainty that Mauna Loa will erupt on September 30, 2010; we provide this metaphysical analysis merely as a warning for those who may find this work interesting.

Nevertheless, as in 2007, 2008, and 2009, we would expect a major earthquake(s), explosion of some sort, tsunami or volcanic eruption to occur somewhere in the world plus or minus 24 hours of September 30, 2010; 7:11 AM, UTC (3:11 AM, EST) at 7.0 magnitude or greater for remote areas or 6.0 magnitude or greater for cities, towns and other populated areas in line within our established scope.

To date, I have not been able to formulate an explanation or interpretation of the earthquake dream that accounts for the open border on the south side of the map of the dream image shown above. One thing I do know is that nothing in a dream narrative, context or symbolism should be left out or overlooked in dream interpretation and analysis.


MEGA DISASTERS: Hawaii Apocalypse
Link posted after History Channel production was released in October 2008.

West Coast Rolling Back & Forth

Keeper of the Sacred Fire - Mythology of Pele!

Beautiful Goddess Pele of Hawiian Volcanoes - Chant!



First Written & Posted: February 3, 2008; Some Additional Comments Added: October 31, 2009; 6:52 PM, EST

Obama's Birth Date: Obama's birth date is 08-04-1961.

Month of August: In numerology the month of August comprise factors of the number 4 as follows: 1+3+7+3+1+2 = 4+10+3 = 4 + 13 = 4 + 4 = 8.

Eight States: Note that the US presidential primaries start with 8 states leading to Super Duper Tuesday on February 5th, which all favors Obama.

The number 4 is a common factor in Obama's birth date of 08-04-1961 as follows: 8 + 04 + 10 + 7 = 8 + 4 + 17 = 8 + 4 + 8.

Presidential Election: The presidential election will take place on the 4th date of the 11th month of the year in 2008: 11-4-08, which when viewed backwards in true Hawaiian upside down style and fashion reads: 8-04-11, which is Obama's birthday in the second year of his presidency. (The number 11 is a power number in numerology, so is 22, 33, 44 and 55.) In 2008, Obama's birthday falls on 08-04-08, where the number 4 is a common factor. The presidential election will take place three months later in the 11th month from August (8 + 3 = 11) on 11-04-08, i.e., November 4, 2008.

The next president of the United States will be the 44th president of the United States of America. Our dream, symbolic, astrological and metaphysical analyses unequivocally show that this president can only be one person: BARACK OBAMA. This is evident from the earthquake dream of September 30, 2006 that said earthquake or some sort of explosion at 4.0 on the Richter scale. The double expression of 1) 'earthquake' or 2) 'some sort of explosion' clearly both point to the number 44 represented by the 44th president of the United States coming from Hawaii.

In the following box, Robert Hand and Alan Oken explain the meaning of the number four (4) at the universal, consciousness and soul levels, which has strong meaning and relevance for dreams, metaphysical subjects and astrology.

A Key to Your Expanding Self
Soul Centered Astrology
Alan Oken - 1980
Page 91, para 3
& Page 119, para 4

Four is representative of the crystallization of manifestation into all of its myriad and infinite forms. Four is Spirit, Soul, and Matter concretized, birthed. It is also the number of foundation, structure, and roots. Four is halfway between one and seven, and as such, it is always representative of a turning point in a cycle, as well as the point of sustained tension in any given equilibrium. The Fourth Ray, for example, is called Harmony through Conflict. The Fourth Kingdom of the Seven is Human, standing as it does halfway between the three lower kingdom of nature and the three higher. As we shall soon discover, the fourth chakra is the heart center, and it, like humanity itself, rests halfway between the three centers of personality expression and the three centers of the Soul.

The fourth center of energy (chakra) in a human being is the one at the heart. It's placement between the three lower centers and the three higher (and their corresponding kingdoms and planes of manifestation) clearly reveals the purpose of the Fourth Ray, as an agent of change.

Number Symbolism
Horoscope Symbols
Robert Hand - 1981
Page 106, para 4

Four: Resistance, matter. Two times two. Where the number two according to Hand represents, Polarity, complementarity, and conflict; also consciousness, which arises from self-reflection.

Posted: October 18, 2008; 11:04 AM, EST

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