The Age of Aquarius!
November 3, 2008

As the wheel of the precession of the equinoxes turns, and we move from one World Age to another, the collective orientation of our ways of relating, the structures of our societies – indeed the very fabric of our consciousness – is mutating accordingly. 1
Alan Oken

We ended Part I: Issues of the 21st Century discussing relevant sections of Zecharia Sitchin's work and Daniel's interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream that occurred in 600 BC in Babylon that predicts future world civilizations and events that must come to pass upon the Earth before the end of time.

In Part I, we suggested that the stone uncut by human hands in Nebuchadnezzar's dream discussed in Daniel Chapter 2 could be an asteroid that will strike the Earth destroying much of current world civilization, or is it the goal scoring of the “soccer ball” ritualized in Mayan Mesoamerican civilization Centuries ago.

In addressing these questions, we raised pertinent questions about Zecharia Sitchin's work that talks about the existence of Planet X called Nibiru that was popularized by his book the “The 12 th Planet. Before continuing on with these questions, we want to set the stage by shedding light on some of the possible reasons why “the gods”, known in Sitchin's work as the Annunakis, might have left Earth in the 1-2 millenniums BC.

To do this properly, as astrologers, we will need to go forward in time to better understand the present and the past.

The Mayans 2 have their own interpretation for end of time prophecy that placed the end of time precisely at the end of the Age of the Fifth Sun (3113 BC - 2012 AD) that will close out the 260,000 year Great Year (one Galactic Day) of the precession of the equinoxes on December 21, 2012. Much of the Mayan's work centers around the end of the Great Year, which some astrologers estimate at 25,920 years and others at 25,625 . 3 The Great Year on the Mayan calendar will end on December 21, 2012 to coincide with the alignment of our Sun , Kinich-Ahau, with the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy located in the constellation of Sagittarius. When this occurs a great light or pulse will emanate from the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy that could last for an intense period of at least 20 years that will have the power to reverse or flip the polarization of the Sun (or Earth) that could alter endocrine production of the pineal gland, and make child bearing difficult or impossible to achieve.

Twenty years represents one generation. The children surviving these crucial testing years would form a new global generation.

Astronomical calculations have shown that o n the winter solstice of 2012 the noonday Sun will conjunct the crossing point of the Sun's ecliptic with the galactic plane, and at the same time will conjunct the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy located in the astrological sign of Sagittarius. There can be no doubt that this will be a period of great transformation at which Obama will be completing his first term in Office as president of the United States.

According to the Mayans, t he Age of the Fifth Sun is ruled by the four prior Earth Ages. In other words, the Fifth Age in which we are living is considered by the Mayans to be the synthesis of the previous four Earth Ages that came before. The Fifth Earth Age that we are in is also called earthquake, movement, shift, evolution, synchronicity and change.

As a result, the current Fifth and final Earth Age of this Galactic Day has a little of all of the four prior Earth Ages that comprise 1/5 th of the 260,000 year Galactic Day. This is represented in the current Age by all the various cultures, races, sciences, views, technologies, religions and peoples that dominate the Earth. In prior Earth Ages, one world view or system dominated the Earth for the duration of that Age before changing to a new world order at the changing of the Ages.

The Mayans had a game which perfectly ritualized the comic drama of end of time prophecies at 2012 that forms the basis of modern day soccer. A ball similar in shape and size to a soccer ball was used to score a goal through a circular hoop that was hoisted in the air, very much in the way a basket ball hoop is hoisted in the air only that the hoop was turned vertical or sideways instead of horizontal. Basket ball allows players to touch the ball with their hands (Gemini), but not in soccer that uses only the lower part of the body below the hip (Sagittarius) and the feet (Pisces), but no hands. As with modern day soccer, the Mayan game was played by two opposing teams of 11 players (11 is a master number in numerology).

The game of soccer, the most popular sport in the world, goes back many centuries to Mayan times in 2600 BC. In the early Mayan version of the game, the ball represented the Sun and the goal symbolized the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy in Sagittarius. In playing the game of soccer, which took place at the spring equinox to welcome in the New Year, the Mayans only used the hips (Sagittarius) and the feet (Pisces) to hit the ball through the hoisted vertical hoop, which remains as the basic rule of soccer in Modern times. The winning team that successfully placed the ball into the hoop had the distinct honor and privilege of having their captain's head chopped off at the end of the game after a golden mask was placed on his face. At that point, the New Year celebrations began!

Many believe that a New Age of great cosmic significance and spirituality will begin on the winter solstice of December 21, 2012 to coincide with Mayan end of time prophecy, while others look to the Age of Aquarius as the start of a New Age for mankind. What is more likely is that both of these significant cosmic events will have a profound influence and effect on mankind and all life forms on planet Earth. 4

In my research, I have found at least one astrologer who placed the start of the Age of Aquarius as far out as 2680 when Sun, Neptune and Uranus conjunct at the vernal equinox on March 19, 2680. 5 This is not correct. There is no support for a triple conjunction of planets initiating the Age of Aquarius.

Projecting the Age of Aquarius to start this far out into the future may cause the public, or at least some in the astrological community, to not take the New Age seriously by not giving it the significance and importance that it deserves in Modern times, since such far out projections supports the view that the New Age of Aquarius will not start for the another 672 years so why worry about it, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Perhaps the best kept 12th House secret of the modern world of self delusion and self undoing is that the primary influence of the Age of Aquarius has already begun, and that we have long flown past the dawning energies of the Age of Aquarius (1940-2003) with its 1960s hippie drug culture, transcendental meditation, Woodstock, disco era, Vietnam War, social upheavals and geo-political crises in Iraq, the Middle East and Congo. We are now fully engaged into being transformed by the New Age's strong gravitational pull and enlightening cosmic rays, but many of us still don't know it yet. The Age of Pisces, with its imprisoning Neptunian religious and illusionary influences, still has a firm hold on us, yet the letting go process has already begun.

Vedic and Western astrologers agree that the New Age of Aquarius will start when the precession of the spring equinoxes enters the astrological sign of Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiac. 6 This will occur when the spring equinox in the Tropical Zodiac enters the sign of Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiac.

The date when this great cosmic event and transition will take place within the Great Year, 7 to the best of our calculations, is March 20, 2429; 6:45 AM, HST as shown in the astrological chart below:

I want the reader to fully appreciate and comprehend that this date, place and time of March 20, 2439, 6:45 AM, HST, Mauna Loa Volcano, HAWAII was not conveniently given in a dream or craftily concocted by the Author to match the place and region of the birth of Barack Obama in the Hawaiian Islands. It was very much a soul moving discovery when a long series of astrological calculations and analyses over a couple days or more unveiled the Hawaiian Islands (Mauna Loa Volcano in particular) as the starting point of the Age of Aquarius in 2439. What a revelation and discovery that was when it happened, for I instantly knew the meaning and ramifications.

To explain this, as the chart correctly shows below, we shall still be in the Age of Pisces in the Sidereal Zodiac on the Spring Equinox of the year 2438 AD that immediately precedes the year 2439 AD. This means that 2439 is the first year when we officially enter in the Age of Aquarius is 2439 and not any previous year. This explains the date and the time, but what about the place?

How was Mauna Loa Volcano, the World's Largest Volcano, selected as the starting point of the New Age of Aquarius in 2439, why not some other point or place on the globe?

It is interesting to note that on March 20, 2429, the Sun squares the Moon's North and South Nodes that sits exactly on the cusps of Scorpio-Sagittarius and Taurus-Gemini, respectively, restricting both unwanted cosmic karma and unpleasant memories of periods past and unrealistic hopes, dreams and visions of built up religious sentiments and unproductive spiritual expectations that are not grounded in cosmic or universal truth.

But more importantly, please note that the North and South Nodes, Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail, are sitting on the Mid-Heaven and Nadir, respectively, which is extremely important to note as an astrologer. Added to that, Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries in close proximity to Jupiter tells us that the Age will be welcomed unlike any previous Age in human history in a truly unconventional manner where celebrations are likely to last for eleven (11) years and not just for a night, day, week, month or year.

It is important to note that the first place on land where the Sun's ray shall strike on the Celestial New Day at the precise moment of the start of the New Age of Aquarius, practically within 1-2 minutes before 5:45 AM, Hawaii Standard Time, is no other place than “on the mountain top” of Mauna Loa Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii situated south of Mauna Kea at 13,796 feet above sea level. Within seconds thereafter, the golden rays of the New Age Sun in Aquarius, coming from out of the eastern ascendant, will grace Mauna Kea 's peak whose height is 92 feet shorter than Mauna Loa Volcano sitting at 13,677 feet above sea level. This would be the ideal place to be located to greet the arrival of the New Age in Aquarius should Mauna Loa Volcano not erupt on this date or beforehand.

This analysis reinforces validity of the earthquake dream of September 30, 2006 (www.earthquakedream.com) that described an “earthquake or explosion of some sort” occurring at 4.0 Magnitude to have great future significance and importance for mankind. Already we have seen where the metaphysics of that dream allowed us to successful predict the ascendancy of Senator Barack Obama, born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 196, to become the next president of the United States as early as December 13th, 2006long before he publicly announced his decision to run for Office on January 16, 2007. Examining the astrological chart above provides the reason why he was selected, and points to at least one other great person who shall come from out of the Islands of Hawaii that would have significant impact on mankind but not necessarily from a political point of view. Let's watch to see whom that other Hawaiian person shall be and what his or her role and cosmic New Age influence and significance shall be, and we can assure you it isn't Sarah Palin. Mr. Obama, you are not alone!

Examination of the New Age chart of 2439 shown above reveals some interesting astrological impressions that relates directly to Contemporary times.

It is important and amazing to note that the Sun will be in the astrological sign of Pisces as it comes up from the Nadir to approach the Ascendant (point of sunrise in the east) on March 20, 2439, 5:45 AM HST in the Sidereal Zodiac, and just at that precise moment of striking land on the Ascendant at the top of the Muana Loa Volcano, that at that blessed and precisely timed celestial moment, 8 the spring equinox will not only be exactly on the Ascendant at the point of a change in signs counter clockwise <-- from Pisces to Aries in the Tropical Zodiac, which rarely happens, but would also be changing signs clockwise --> in the precession of the equinoxes from Pisces to Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiac. This is truly amazing for those who understands or appreciates the awe struck beauty and cosmic significance of celestial movements – it makes the solar eclipse look like child's play!

To better visualize this cosmic phenomena, think of it this way: at the precise moment when the Sun rises on the Ascendant of the eastern horizon on the Big Island of Hawaii, the Sun locally is moving in a counter clockwise <-- position on the Tropical Zodiac from Pisces to Aries to initiate the start of the spring equinox at 5:45 AM HST at 2439 and at the same moment is in perfect synchronistic harmony the Sun moving in reverse order on the Ecliptic from the precession sign of Pisces to Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiacin a clockwise direction -->. As if that was not enough of a mystery and one in a billion possibility, while the Sun is below the eastern horizon before rising on the horizon it is in the astrological sign of Pisces in the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs, but once the Sun hits the horizon at the crack of dawn on the mountain top of Mauna Loa Volcano it switches in one moment from Pisces to Aries in the Tropical Zodiac to start spring in the year 2439 as well as switching from Pisces to Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiac to start a New Age in Aquarius. The Sun is going forward and backwards at the same moment and exactly at the dividing line of the eastern horizon in Hawaii to start spring on Earth and a New Age in Celestial Time both at the same time. 9 You can't get a more synchronized coordination than this existing in perfect cosmic harmony that goes far beyond what we cosmically experience in the total solar eclipse of the Sun.

Added to this, the North Node and South Nodes sits firmly at the Mid-Heaven and Nadir to form the perfect cosmic CROSS with the rising Sun of self initiation on the Ascendant and Mars, the initiator, on the universally charged Descendant. Added to that, this cross is on the cusps of two signs: Scorpio and Sagittarius on the North Node on the Mid-Heaven and Taurus and Gemini on the South Node on the Nadir. This is a cosmic impossibility that occurs only once or every 260,000 years.

Anyone of these astrological phenomena would have been enough to write a chapter of an astrological text book on the nature and meaning of the alignment, but to have essentially seven (7) astrological aspects occurring essentially at the same moment in temporal time at the same physical location in Hawaii with Mars, the initiator, sitting squarely on the Descendant of universal happenings at that precise moment as well, this can only be called a miracle of cosmic and universal proportion that is not made by human hands!

As stated above, the Moon's North Node (Dragon's Head) and South Node (Dragon's Tail) will be precisely on the cusps of Scorpio-Sagittarius and Taurus-Gemini in perfect alignment with the Mid-Heaven and Nadir, 10 respectively with Mars the initiator on the Descendant. As an astrologer, you need not say anymore for those understanding the wisdom of the celestial arts and science, but enquiring minds want to know.

You may consider it as the time of the Great Judgment, since the past will be sealed (Sun squares South Node) and the future unknown (Sun squares North Node) with respect to understanding and expectations in 2439. According to Mayan Prophecies in 2439 we will be in the First Sun Age of the Creation Cycle of the next Great Year (or Galactic Day) that lasts some 5,125 years starting on December 22nd, 2012. This first Grand Cycle of a Galactic Day is called the Galactic Morning. This is a time when our solar system comes out of the darkness and enters the light. The main question is what does this mean for us today, since it is the future that we are looking at to reveal ramifications for the present!

To start with, as we go from 2008-2012-2439, 4 then 431 years into the future to be exact, we will be applying onto that critical point of cosmic intelligence and precessional transition of universal transformation that will fully express all the hopes, dreams, wonders and accomplishments of the New Age of Enlightenment promised for the astrological sign of Aquarius! It is like starting a mythical journey climbing up the top of Mauna Kea with some scientifically preconceived bell curve “expectation” in mind only to find that when you get to the top of the mountain in 2439 the journey from thereon is all downhill. This means that the greatest stresses and challenges that mankind will face in entering the New Age in Aquarius will come in the years 2008-2012 building all the way upwards to 2439. There is no downhill climb, no going backwards, no settling down, only going forward in time and inner and outer spiritual transformation. So yes, we should expect change, lots of change as we move forward in time towards the cross over points in 2012 and 2439.

By the end of the 21st Century some 92 years from now, we shall well be on our way to adopting new Aquarian ideals and standards of living as well as new Aquarian ways of relating to each other. Children born after Uranus entered Pisces in the Tropical Zodiac on December 30, 2003 at 4:18:06 AM EST are very much apart of this blossoming New Age generation.

As time marches on towards 2012 and 2439, there will be more understanding and love, more looking out for each other, more brotherhood for without such we shall not overcome as specie on planet Earth. This means looking out for other life forms as well and seeing the common bonds that joins all sentient beings on planet Earth, but as many are not yet ready to hear this painful message, let's leave it there for the time being for when the student is ready the teacher will come.

Money will have little value or relevance in the future, for if we are to survive the uphill journey towards 2012 and 2439, we must leave it behind.

As we slide into the Age of Aquarius going from 2008 to 2012 11 to 2439 and onwards we will drop off those attributes and aspects of the Age of Pisces to better allow us absorb and inculcate the new energies of Aquarius that leads to the Messianic Age of Capricorn that will follow the Age of Aquarius some 2591 years out into the future.

Are you ready for the cosmic journey? Are you willing to pay the price, since unlike popular religion it is not for free or based on belief by a mercurial or monkey mind. You can believe anything you want, that will not be a qualifying or essential factor. Belief and opinion were essential and major factors in the soon forgotten Piscean Age. If you are not ready, you will be left behind and like Lot 's wife become a pillar of salt.

This does not mean that we won't be hit by massive tsunamis and world changing catastrophic events, the Age of Aquarius, the Water Bearer promises those things, especially great tidal waves and tsunamis! However, this will not stop the development and progress of mankind in the cosmic realm of things, no, it only assures it.

So you thought that the recent 2008 stock market crash was bad, think again! We have sealed our fate through our past actions, now we must live it, but it is never too late for change!

While we have given a conservative view based on astronomy for when we believe that the Age of Aquarius will start on March 20, 2439, this date is based on an arbitrary definition developed by modern astronomy of where the starting point is for the constellation of Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiac.

The star map that makes up the constellation of Aquarius has changed several times since classical times, and it is really anyone's guess as to where the dividing line between the constellations of Pisces and Aquarius should be drawn. Changes in the past tended to push the starting line further out into time rather than bringing it closer to our time.

For example, if you measure the start of the Age of Aquarius from the star 11.3 in the Constellation of Aquarius using the classical system of a Platonic month equaling 2143 years for each Age you get the year 1997 as the start of the Age of Aquarius. Wow! …and you thought we had to wait another 431 years. However, if you start with the ‘O' star in the constellation of Aquarius you get the date of 2143 as the start of the Age of Aquarius. 12 Some may consider this difference significant, others might not. The jury is still out on the question.

What we do know is that by the time all astrologers and astronomers agree on the correct start date for the Age of Aquarius we will be fully engaged in the Age of Aquarius and might not even know it. Whether 4 years from now in 2012 or 431 years out into the future when the precession of the equinoxes enter Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiac in 2439, all of the tenets of the Age of Aquarius will be firmly established on the Earth's plane within the next 4-24 years.

One reason is that the start of an Age usually experiences the most intense aspects of that Age, since Ages travel clockwise on the Zodiac cycle starting at the extreme 29º position working its way to zero degree of a sign. For this reason, Ages count down, they do not build up. As noted above, by the time you are mid-way into an Age the influence of the next Age begins, albeit slowly. By the time you are in the final Sidereal zero degree of an Age, you have essentially started the next Age or is applying strongly onto that point of rapid transition and transformation.

So yes, we are in the Age of Aquarius even though we still have some of the stronger influences of Pisces to jettison over the next few years. This is what creates conflict in the current period, i.e., going from one Age to another.

It is not correct to believe that you start an Age when you pass the critical zero degree point or starting date of that Age since that is actually the point where you experience the strongest and fullest energies of that Age. As noted above, once you have passed that critical zero degree point of a New Age, things intensify then it's all downhill from thereon.

It was so at the turning point of the Age of Taurus to Aries (4220 BC- 2160 BC) when Moses met God on Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commands that started the New Age of Aries. At that point, the worship of the golden calf prominent in the Age of Taurus that honored the celestial bull or cow, ceased and the blowing of the Ram's horn to signify man's entry into the New Age of Aries (2160-1 AD) became the new religious symbolism and expression of the Jewish people after their long sojourn out of Egypt to avoid the smiting mid-day Sun, Egypt being the land of those who considered themselves gods – meaning worthy in their own right for worship for their blessings on the Earth and on mankind was vast, omnipresent and pervasive – or at least so it was thought, believed and practiced in those days.

The word ‘Amen' is the modern linguistic reference that has traveled down through time to the Modern Age from those ancient days of the Pharaohs that served mankind as “living gods” that we still use today in our Churches and most scared prayers, but the Pharaohs, like the Hindu gods, are very much a thing of the past that cannot be evoked again or return to Earth to play a significant role at the dawning of this New Age!

In the Modern Age, most people who practice religion no longer have great expectations of salvation or true manifested help from religion or a worshiped god. For the most part, such worship is ceremonial to satisfy a deep inner psychological or spiritual need or to feel connected to a greater force or source than one's self. As a result, the modern preacher or Indian guru simply asks that you accept your good fortune, health, family and safe travels or passage as blessings enough from an invisible god or gods living not on Earth among the faithful, as it was thought of in the ancient world of India and Egypt, but in heaven somewhere out there, or in your heart, but where, no one really knows, for these self proclaimed messiahs have nothing more of value to offer the faithful in exchange for the monetary gifts that they receive that results in an uneven exchange!

At the change of the Age of Aries to Pisces around the time of Christ in 1 AD, the two fishes of Pisces became the religious symbol of the Christian Church, which at that time was fundamentally Jewish 13. The Piscean fish is still seen on the back of automobiles and religious objects signifying the role that Pisces played around the time of the birth of Christ.

The crucifixion of Jesus, The Christ is astrologically symbolic of what was to come in the Age of Pisces in terms of martyrdom and physical sacrifices that has been played out in many wars of conquests during the past 2000 years. It was a time of self undoing and social disruption and destruction as demonstrated in the Inquisition 14, Middle East Crusades, Islamic Conquests, Ghengis Khan, Alexander the Great, World War I and II as well as the modern Middle East conflicts to name a few.

Unlike the horrific and graphic expression of the wars of the Age of Pisces, as evidence in World War I & II and others, the nature of war and its very expression is being transformed by the New Age energy of Aquarius, a time when men through enlightenment and for sake of survival shall beat their swords into plow shares 15 , due primarily to the natural disasters and catastrophes that shall strike the Earth. Many shall cry out to a god, but none shall respond to them – the Age of the Gods in Aries is over! This was a time, as documented in the Old Testament, that men would call out upon the name of their god or gods and he or she would respond to them immediately with great heavenly powers, working great wonders and miracles upon the Earth on their specific behalf. There is nothing incorrect or false about these Bible stories recorded in both the New and Old Testaments, only that those Ages are gone and are over with.

In the Age of Pisces governments and paternal leaders who served as Kings, Popes, Queens , Sire, etc. stepped into the position vacated by the ancient gods who either died out or left the Earth plane, due primarily to the changing cosmic energies of the Ages that were not accommodative to their residency on Earth. 16 In the transitional Modern times from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, the concept of the nation or republic was born where men served as presidents, prime ministers and other secular leadership roles replacing the previously divinely appointed political monarchs or institutionally proclaimed religious divinities.

As seen in the current U.S. elections, the people will play a greater role in managing their own lives and affairs in the future and the role of religion and governments the world over shall greatly diminish as time goes on to meet the full force of the cosmic transformational energies of Aquarius.

Those who return to these old gods and religions of ancient days in any form whatsoever shall separate themselves from the cosmic rays and energies of the present Age and for that reason shall eventually die out or fail. One must live within the symbols, myths and requirements of the current Age that one is in and to do otherwise is to commit cosmic social suicide. When an Age changes as it does every 2160 years, one must change with the Age or be left behind.

As we scan the globe there is much evidence of cultures and people who are stuck in the myths, rituals and culture of prior Ages; this we know is essential in the Fifth Earth Age of Mayan prophecies that incorporates the previous Four Earth Ages as explained above. However, in the Age of Pisces that started in full force at 1 AD and continues with less strength in 2008 AD, the illusion of myth carried more power than reality due to the planets Neptune and Jupiter that rule that sign. It is that Neptunian illusion of extreme cosmic idealism magnified by beneficial aspects of Jupiter that like the planet Neptune is outside of the vision and scope of human stamina and capabilities that will be smashed by the cosmic rays of Uranus in the Age of Enlightenment in Aquarius to create universal brotherhood and common bond, peace on Earth to mankind, that will be based on a grounded sense of reality and purpose that was not available or achieved in prior world Ages.

For this reason, the Age of Aquarius is a time of great psychological and spiritual transformation. This New Age requires that we actualize and individuate in line with the Jungian concept of the word. Only through our individual and collective strength and care for each other shall we find hope and have peace on planet Earth, for nothing else shall work in the Age of Aquarius – the sign of the Water Bearer. It is a time of doing and not of speaking or making a scene.

The fact is that the cosmic energies of a New Age of Aquarius started from about the midpoint of the Age of Pisces, which is around the 15 th Century AD with European discovery of the New World through travel on the great Aquarian waters of oceans and seas. For some astrologers, this places the start of the Age of Aquarius in the 18 th Century around the time of the birth of the republics of France and America in 1763 and 1776 that officially declared on the back of every American one dollar bill the words: NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM meaning “The New Order of the Age”.

From this single declaration coming directly from the mystic founding fathers of America , we can all agree that the Age of Pisces for all intensive purposes can be declared null and void or essentially over!

The evidence is in the fall of religious orthodoxy in the 19th–21st Centuries of almost every major religion in the world, the transformation of governments from playing a leadership role in human affairs that had its greatest strength during the entrenched years of the Age of Pisces that lasted from the rise of Islam in the 7th Century AD to the rule of countries in Europe such as Portugal, France and England, and in earlier times by the myopic church-state of the Roman Catholic order of the 12th–18th Centuries. In the 21st Century, we have left the dock of the shores of the Age of Pisces far behind in our individual experiences and collective memories to single-handedly and collectively venture out to sea in discovery of a new and brighter tomorrow.

Let us take a look at a Zodiac chart to see exactly where we stand in 2008 in celestial time. As the following astrological chart shows at the 2008 spring equinox, the Sun was at 6º Pisces 01' in the Sidereal Zodiac.

Using a rough estimate of 72 years per degree of precession time, this puts the start of the Age of Aquarius of 29º Aries 59' 59” in the Sidereal zodiac to around 2441 AD which we more precisely fine tuned earlier to occur on March 20, 2439; 6:45 AM HST. 17

By the year 2439, we will be experiencing the full and extreme expression of the Age of Aquarius, very much like a Big Bang, as it was at the turn of the last Age around the time of Christ at about 1 AD. From thereon, the Age counts down as it did in the Ages of Taurus, Aries and Pisces. The applying aspect on a degree is always stronger than separating aspects. This is perhaps because we are being transformed into the New Age, throwing off the old Age and taking on the mantle of the New Age. Applying onto an Age would therefore be a more stressful time, since it involves change, one that many will want to resist preferring instead to cling to the consciousness and out molded practices of the Old Age, which always get carried into the New Age and even beyond, but always to a lesser degree and with less meaning and emphasis.

For example, our politics in the world today reflects that change. Senator Barack Obama becomes a great symbol for the Aquarian Age because he has Aquarius Rising in his natal chart at 18 degrees and Uranus in Leo at 25 degrees on his Descendant as shown on the astrological chart below. This qualifies Barack Obama to become a symbol of that Aquarian and uniquely American ideal of inner and spiritual change and transformation that motivates mankind towards right human relations as opposed to wrong human relations. And as with the sign of Aquarius, to achieve that success Barack Obama must honor right human relations over wrong human relations in every turn and at every event, which his campaign has stressed and managed to instill in others, that has served to successfully inspire millions from every walk of life from the very beginning.

But unlike others, the stars are on his side helping him to achieve this great cosmic work and result that he by himself on his own terms or through his own initiative or imagination and knowledge would not be able to achieve by himself today! With Pluto entering Capricorn in the Tropical Zodiac on November 26, 2008 at 6:09 PM GMT , we should expect much changes and transformation in political and religious organizational structures that would do away with the out molded ways of doing business that were common and acceptable in the Age of Pisces, i.e., that of being materialistic, paternalistic, imprisoning and authoritative in approach and attitude. Simple is simply better!

The above chart tells us precisely where these changes will occur in current times. They involve self expression and definition, one that will be expansive and expressive of love seeking improved human relations, they will be deeply transformative of structures replacing the old way of doing business with ones that seek to express Self on a more solid basis and foundation. These global changes will involve inner conflicts and struggles that will not be apparent on the world scene. They will create some depression and even suppression at times where communication and truth will be restricted or restrictive primarily by others whose aim is to serve a higher calling or purpose usually one of religious philosophy or idealism.

Higher education will receive strong emphasis during this period as well. Almost everyone will be required or feel compelled or impelled to raise their standard of living, consciousness, knowledge and learning in the world today. This will not come through formal degrees or education. In fact, there will be an Aquarian de-emphasis on higher education and degrees as well as formal knowledge as this will prove to be an inefficient Piscean quality and ideal that lack scope and creativity that will give way to alternative means of learning primarily through fields of brotherhood and sisterhood, the internet and mass communication.

With Pluto in Capricorn, character will rise to take precedence over skills, knowledge, education and networking connections within social or family ties. People will unite more along common bonds and interests rather than group, race or class. While education and knowledge will be completely transformed and elevated, those that show strong mastery of a subject or field whether formally trained or not will excel regardless of the restrictions or social barriers in place. People will reach across social and educational lines to identify and select individuals that possess the qualities and skills that they seek more so than was done in the past. If the cap fits, wear it shall be the new motto.

Money and wealth will be redefined in all aspects and purposes. Wealth and money will take on a more esoteric rather than exoteric expression. Gone are the days when one will seek or brag about earning millions or even billions. Money will be seen in terms of what it can do for you in furthering a goal or improving Self. It will not take on the mantle power and prestige that was so common during the Age of Pisces. Transformation occurring in the stock and bond markets in 2008 will serve to move us closer to this new definition of value. People the world over will have a stronger desire and ambition to achieve inner peace and social stability than gaining or securing individual strength through collective security.

There will be a rebirth of astrology in the Age of Aquarius. Western, Arabic, Vedic and Chinese astrology will play a much greater role in the sciences of the New Age. This will come about when science and religions recognize that their contributions to human development and evolution is limited and cannot progress further without giving relevance to the signs of the times that find perfect expression through consciousness based arts and sciences as found in astrology.

Pluto being the esoteric ruler of Pisces which rules 12th House issues of self undoing, we should expect the next 16 years of Pluto's transit of Capricorn in the Tropical Zodiac to be a period of inner self transformation in all aspects of consciousness and life on planet earth, particularly for societies located north and south of the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, respectively.18

But the story does not stop there. Pluto's transit of Capricorn in the Sidereal Zodiac will continue this work all the way into 2040 19 addressing these same issues on a more universal level and with a cosmic theme that will have strong impact in the tropical regions of the world. Our own method of switching between Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs in our astrological analyses is much very Aquarian in and of itself.

During the older Ages, astrologers choose a system whether it be Western or Vedic and stuck with it. In the New Age, which we are currently in, we are likely to see a greater synthesis between Vedic and Western astrological systems, among others.

Astrologers know that before an Age begins, we feel and experience all the changes that the Age would bring as we “apply”, i.e., move towards that Age. By the time we cross over to actually enter the Age, the stage is already set and all the developments would have transpired that would bring the Age into full focus and force.

Whether the Age of Aquarius started in 1776, 1997, 2003 or will start in 2012, 2143 or 2439, we are deeply applying on that Age whether we like it or not, whether we want to or not. Evidence of the start of the Age of Aquarius is all around us to see.

The celestial hand of time will not wait for man to declare the start of an Age before it brings into force all the aspects, acts and actions that will be required to transform the global society into the New Age. If it feels like Aquarius, looks like Aquarius and smells like Aquarius, it is the Age of Aquarius. That very much is our situation today!

In this regard, the evidence of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius is everywhere, from our use of super computers, air flight, space travels, global village, rapid developments and improvements in astrology, rains, floods and an out pouring of water and new hydrogen technology everywhere, and much, much more, we can rest assured that we are well on our way into experiencing the cosmic energies of the Age of Aquarius.

For example, the recent Supreme Court decision in the United States to allow civil marriages of homosexual couples is further evidence of the dawning of that New Age of Aquarius ushering an Age of enlightenment and universal brotherhood.

The Age of Aquarius will reduce or eliminate race and class differences among all the peoples of the Earth. In this regard, the Untouchables in India will come to experience real power and opportunity as well. They will be promoted up the social ladder in the Age of Aquarius more so than in any other Age before. This process has already started in Mother India and will continue for years and Centuries to come.

In 1988, Alan Oken wrote:

As the supply of Piscean Age oil is depleted or made economically unfeasible, a tremendous search for new energy sources will be undertaken. The polarity of Aquarius is Leo, and the sign of the Lion is ruled by the Sun. Solar energy will therefore be extensively utilized during the next 2000 years. Aquarian Age technology will develop the machines which will be able to channel the solar force into viable outlets. The nature and scope of atomic energy were just touched upon when Pluto was in Leo. Research into the further uses of atomic energy will certainly take place as Uranus passes through Pluto's sign. … The need to learn how to share and distribute the Earth's available resources more equitably (pointing to a resource based economy as opposed to a profit driven one) among the masses of people is a definite feature of the coming Age. … we shall begin to see a change in the architecture of buildings, which will tend to be smaller and more human in scale. … more efficient systems of mass transportation will be developed, featuring an increase in the use of passenger trains and buses. We are already seeing a phase out of large, gas-eating automobiles, replaced by more compact cars. 20

The celestial alignments that will initiate the Age of Aquarius will unfold over the next 4-431 years. By the time we get to 2439 A.D., the Age of Aquarius would have been fully developed integrating and laying down the foundations of aspects that will influence the next Great Year or Galactic Day lasting some 26,000 years. No sooner do you enter one Age than you start throwing off the remnants of the old Age that you left behind.

With change in an Age comes transformation of consciousness leading to spiritual growth and development.

Already we are seeing this happening all around us with the 2008 fall in the stock market reflecting the fall of the symbol of large Piscean corporations and break up of large Piscean nation empires and political processes into smaller more decentralized and independently managed people oriented entities.
So it was when we left the Age of Taurus to enter the Age of Aries the celestial bull had to be traded in for the ram-lamb of Pisces. And again when we left the Age of Aries to enter the Age of Pisces, the Ram-Lamb of Aries (Christ) was sacrificed for the two fishes in Pisces.

Pisces was the Age of big imprisoning Neptunian powers and religions: Christianity, Islam and Buddhism to name a few. Big governments dominated the Age of Pisces from its very inception, for example, Constantine, Alexander the Great, The Holy Roman Empire, Genghis Khan, Moghul Empire, Islamic Empire, Japanese Empire, etc.

In the last Century, Adolph Hitler failed in World War II to materialize his vision of a One World Government and Order that would rule for 1000 years that he promised the German people by trying to win his war on the cusp of a changing sign or Age. 21 We now know with absolute certainty, as astrologers, that such One World Government, regime or ideal cannot succeed or survive in the current Age of Aquarius, which opposes the very thought, fabric, nature and principles that regional and centralized World Governments represent today. Such One World Global Political and Economic Order defending and securing the collective rights of national or group Self interest oriented towards fulfilling geo-political economic interests, purposes or needs, as expressed through Globalization, belongs to the fast disappearing Age of Pisces that shall be completely wiped out or transformed by the stone uncut by human hands that falls under the cosmic rays and super intelligence of Aquarius that seeks to serve the needs of the common man and not Self, cult, class, race or personality. This is what the New Age of Aquarius offers us for many years and generations to come into the future going far beyond the accomplishments and influence of Barack Obama, and in delivering this cosmic outcome Aquarius shall not fail!

IRON & CLAY: the physical nature of the Modern world
More recently, USA , UK , China , Russia and Japan are all being broken up or broken down through global warming to become the “iron and clay mixture” referred to in Nebuchadnezzar's dream in 600 BC that we call Globalism today.


Each cross over period of the Ages have brought great stresses, tribulations and upheavals in human affairs and in all cases a large portion of the human population refused to adapt or accept the promises of the New Age because they wanted to hold onto earned vested interests and power of the past. 22

But it matters not, the Age will always have its way because it is written in the stars flung far out of human reach and influence – the true hand of “God.” This is a force of great cosmic order, presence and intelligence that is written in the stars and universal order of things that no man on Earth can imagine or come to understand, for those that take on or cast themselves into a leadership role or position over others, or tells others that they know that source of mystical cosmic reality, presence or intelligence and possesses the necessary human skills, acumen or ability through training, meditation or theology to communicate with or seek its guidance, obtain blessings or help in personal or transpersonal human relationships and labels it with a name that can be uttered by the human tongue or called upon in the human mind, any name, lies, for they know not and cannot come to know such while in material human form! And they that know not what they don't know should not reveal to others their ignorance of what they know not, for this much the Jewish Kabbalists of ancient times knew, understood and practiced with reverence in their religion. 23

As human beings on this planet, we march to the beat of the grand celestial drum or clock. We are not gods or designer of the universe. Benson Bobrick, author of the “The Fated Sky” puts it this way, “it is both gratifying and appalling to imagine that the apparent chaos of life is governed by an exact and intricate design.” 24

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois has secured the nomination of the Democratic Party and is well on his way to becoming the first African-American president of the United States. To place Senator Barack Obama in the future of time and space using Saptarishis Astrology will require that we break from the old and forgotten traditions of the Piscean Age to join him on a mystical and mythical journey into the future that is filled with the hope, joys and aspirations of the promises of a New Day in the fast and dramatically unfolding Age of Aquarius!

Edgar Cayce's ARE on 2012 and Mayan Prophecies by John Van Auken:

Part 1: Mayan 2012 Prophecies: Mayan Calendar Explained

Part 2: Mayan 2012 Prophecies: The Age of the Spirit of All Living Things: Age of Enlightenment


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2.Mesoamerican civilization existed between 2600 BC to pre-Columbian times of the 17 th Century AD.

3. It is believed by the Mayans that our Sun takes about Sun 25,625 years to travel around the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which for our solar system, is its Sun.

4. The phrase “all life forms on planet Earth” refers to a topic that modern man does not want to deal with; he wish it not be there or exist at all, and oftentimes simply gloss over such expressions as being meaningless written for its poetic form to take up space on the pages of a book or piece of literature; but the day of reckoning is coming where we will have to account for all our shortfalls for it was not so with the ancients who respected and held all life forms in the greatest esteem, often one of sacredness and divinity, for they truly understood the nature of the universe and the cosmos that produced creatures and life forms on planet Earth that we manipulate, imprison and use to carry out experiments, but do not understand.

5. March 19, 2680; 9:37 PM, GMT – 5, Tropical Placidus

6. The spring equinox occurs in the Northern Hemisphere in March of each year and in October in the Southern Hemisphere.

7. The Great Year equals about 25,920 years. Each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac spends about 2160 years in the precession of the equinoxes transit around the Galactic plane. The Mayan believes that the Great Year or one Galactic Day will come to an end on December 21, 2012. It is also the time of the alignment of the Sun with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy from whose myths the game of soccer was invented – the soccer ball obviously being the Sun and the goal being the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Expect that the next World Cup Soccer Games in 2010 to yield many surprising results has we come closer to the year 2012. The competing country that wins World Cup Soccer in 2010 may have strong Sagittarius qualities. For example, the Sun sign of the captain of the winning team may be a Sagittarian. Will this team captain may die in a fatal car accident soon after the games or become injured around the neck as a result of some now unknown tragedy? This would be a strong sign or omen in 2010 that the Mayan prophecies are on target! As we saw with Venus' transit of the Sun on June 8, 2004, that will occur again in June 2012, these prophecies seldom seem to fail.

8. Due to limitations of my computer to take into account the height of Muana Loa (13,796 feet) in calculating the precise moment when the Sun will strike the mountain top of Muana Loa Volcano as opposed to land at the base at sea level on March 20, 2439, we cannot say for sure what the cosmic significance is in terms of how precisely this might already have been timed by the celestials working wonders of the universe. If any astronomer or geologist can do this calculation and share this information with me, I would be very much grateful for the information.

9. This may explain why people from time immemorial viewed Japan and other countries in the east as starting point of the East and not considered to be the West or Mid-Western region of world geography. Japan is often referred to as the land of the Rising Sun! The slant in the eyes of Asian people may be significant to help them adapt to the blinding light of the New Day Sun that occurs at the dawning of a New Age. The Hawaiian Islands should be viewed as being the first islands in the East that will experience the New Day Sun at the cosmic changing of the Ages. These five-eight islands sit at the center of the horse shoe of the Ring of Fire of major Pacific earthquake (change) and volcano activities that has the potential to affect and consume the entire globe.

10. In metaphysical literature, souls are said to enter at the Nadir of the Zodiacal chart and go out at the Mid-Heaven. This means that on March 20, 2439 at 5:45 AM HST new souls and spirits would be entering the Earth plane while others go out. Any child born at this precise moment in time, particularly on the Islands of Hawaii, would have great global appeal and cosmic intelligence.

11. 2012-2032 will be a crucial time in human history when we shall see great tsunamis, tidal waves of historic height and proportion, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes striking the Earth that will completely overcome our science, technology and economy as well as the most efficient world government to cope. This comes when light from the Center of the Galaxy strikes our Sun and solar system creating a great solar wind and vibration that will have profound effects on the Earth. Only basic human spirit of love and caring for each other will see us through this critical 20 year period.

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17. People today believe that we cannot see this far into the future: wrong! Modern science in socializing people through our educational system weakens and dullen our minds and senses from developing the ability to perceive and comprehend celestial and cosmic realities unless they approve those views, blocking and crowding out all other human skills, talents and capabilities for understanding time and space and our relationship to the cosmos. All of this will change in the Age of Aquarius. A new science shall be born, one that better respond to universal and comic realities.

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